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  1. Recurve77

    Great way to start the New Year.

    A very good friend of mine asked yesterday about bringing his 10 year old grandson to hunt today. He called earlier today to tell me unfortunately his grandson came down with cold like symptoms and couldn’t make it. So he asked about coming over and bow hunting. I said sure so he was coming over...
  2. Recurve77

    1st hunt in my Primal see through blind.

    Early Christmas present from my kids. Set it up yesterday and wind is right on this cold, quiet afternoon.
  3. Recurve77

    12/15 Roll Call

    Decided to get out there again this morning since the Thursday- Saturday forecasts are showing a good chance of rain. Calm and quiet with dry leaves making it easier to hear one walking. Good luck to everyone else that can go today.
  4. Recurve77

    12/14 Roll Call

    Just climbed in to a hang on stand overlooking a hardwood creek bottom. No acorns left here but corn piles are nearby. Anybody else out on this balmy, calm December afternoon. 1st deer is heading this way.
  5. Recurve77

    12/13 Rollcall

    Anyone else out on this cold, calm morning? Snuck up to the blind overlooking a wooded creek bottom a 1/2 hour after shooting light.
  6. Recurve77

    SARS-Cov-2 in American whitetail herds
  7. Recurve77

    Tiny fawn

    Got this pic of this little one last night. It is standing next to a 2 1/2 year old buck. It almost looks to be a month or two old. Never had a pic of this one before.
  8. Recurve77

    2 bucks that seem to get along well during the rut.

    These 2 are from my Hart county farm. They seem to tolerate each other pretty well. Looks like they’re taking this tolerance just a little to far!
  9. Recurve77

    10/28 Roll Call

    Sitting in my Summit waiting for daylight and the big one. Should be able to get in a couple of hours hunting before the rains set in today. Good luck everyone! Stay safe.
  10. Recurve77

    10/26 Roll Call

    Just set up in my climber in Jefferson. Couldn’t ask for a prettier afternoon. Deer were moving good this morning. Cameras have shown very good activity at this spot in the last hour of daylight.
  11. Recurve77


    I’ve gotten multiple pics of this doe the past 2 days. It looks like she has been branded. This is in Jefferson county. Any ideas as to why someone would brand a deer?
  12. Recurve77

    Baiting with pears.

    I have a buddy that has baited with pears for several years and he claims that is his favorite and most productive bait. I ran into a friend this week that has 2 loaded pear trees and she told me to pick all I want. So I picked @ 100 lbs and put some out yesterday. I went out this morning to...
  13. Recurve77

    A walk in the Park.

    Took a walk in a nearby park with my wife yesterday and we came upon two Shagbark hickories that were dropping huge nuts. So I decided to go back today and I picked Three 1 1/2 gallon buckets of mostly hulled hickory nuts. That was a walk in the park. So now for the past 30 minutes I have been...
  14. Recurve77

    10/7 roll call

    Just got settled in my Summit climber on a ridge top of red and chinquapin oaks. I’ve got 8 chinquapin’s dropping within easy bow range. What a sweet sound! Haven’t had a shooter on camera here yet this season but I wasn’t passing up the opportunity to get in a hunt on my birthday.
  15. Recurve77

    Anybody considering using stink bugs for a cover scent?

    It has crossed my mind. I’m trying to find something positive to associate with the invasion of the stink bugs. I probably catch and/or kill a couple dozen everyday that have made their way into the house.
  16. Recurve77

    Deer quit using my 20 year old mineral lick.

    I have one lick that has been used for over 20 years that is probably 10 ft by 6 ft and a foot deep. I have refreshed this lick every couple of years using a 4:1 ratio trace mineral salt:dical. The deer wear it out. It’s not uncommon for me to get 200-500 pics every week during the summer on...
  17. Recurve77

    Can anyone ID this smiling snake?

    Found it in my pool skimmer. Looks like a smiling face on the back of it’s head! Diameter was smaller than a pinkie finger and about 14 inches long.
  18. Recurve77

    Anyone picking wild blackberries yet?

    Checked a patch last weekend but didn’t see any near being ripe.
  19. Recurve77

    Two headed gobbler!

    Anyone ever see a two headed gobbler? My wife took these pics from the kitchen window yesterday morning while I had the twin grandsons in a blind 100 yards behind the house. We could see him strutting but obviously couldn’t shoot in that direction.
  20. Recurve77

    COVID 19 and whitetail deer What next for our whitetail herd?!!