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  1. Boggs41076

    Wednesday morning Roll Call

    Who's out getting after it today? Nice morning in eastern ky, light rain and winds. This is my 17th day in a row in a stand ( I think) multiple all dayers and just can't seem to get a good one in front of me. Maybe today, good luck and be safe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Boggs41076

    Finally flipped the bird....

    It's been a crazy season so far, i've had birds hang up at 80 yards, days with no gobbles all day. Days that they gobbled great and would not cooperate. Watched one strut earlier in the week just out of range for 30 minutes and ignore my decoys.. I was absolutely getting it handed to me. This...
  3. Boggs41076

    Anyone out tonight?

    I'm humped up in a big briar thicket, on the edge of of an old bottom with some oaks and and a large stand of cedars coming off the ridge. First time I've set it this year been getting pics of a group of nannies every night around dark I moved off about 200 yards to try to catch one in shooting...
  4. Boggs41076

    Spear Hunting.

    I ordered a couple Cold Steele spears just to play around with because it's different. Is it legal to hunt deer with one in ky? Not that I can throw one anywhere close to accurate enough to kill anything... Not yet at least. Just something that would be almost to cool if you could. Sent from...
  5. Boggs41076

    Finally... Things went my way today..

    Had action from the get go this morning. Heard what I thought was chasing on the ridge above me, before sunrise. At 7:15 It got closer, saw 2 does doing there best Houdini to get away from a decent buck. 2-3 minute short chases for an hour and half in a radius of about 250 yards. At 8:40am the...
  6. Boggs41076

    Should I move my set???

    I hung a set 2 weeks ago after A day of scouting and burning boot leather turned up a lot of good sign. I knew there was a really good buck using the area because we saw him regularly in a hayfield at the bottom of the holler next to the river. I was very careful about scent control . Never even...