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  1. CRFoster68

    Electric Smoker opinions needed

    I am looking into buying an electric smoker.. I have decided to go with electric due to the convenience of it and not having to babysit the smoker all day. I have never owned a smoker before and am wondering what size smoker I should buy? Should I get digital or analog? What brand under $300...
  2. CRFoster68

    Which shotgun would you buy?

    I am looking to buy a new 12ga in the next couple of months and wanted to get some opinions. I would like to get a gun that would be good for turkey, ducks, and skeet. I don't want to spend more than $500. What would you buy? Thanks.
  3. CRFoster68

    Please help out my little cousin! Hey guys and gals, will you please do me a favor and click in the link below and "like" Tom Mingo's comment on this page? It will take 2 Seconds! They are in a close race to win a Limo ride and VIP tickets to a Father/Daughter dance, and the contest...
  4. CRFoster68

    Bristol night race

    Anyone heading to Bristol this weekend?
  5. CRFoster68

    Sid's Taxidermy

    I always drive past this place in owenton and was wondering if anyone knows anything about them? I also saw in the hunting guide that they also process for hunters for the hungry. Anyone ever have them process or mount a deer?
  6. CRFoster68

    I thought this was a good analogy for the government.

    ‎"If the US Government was a family, they would be making $58,000 a year, spending $75,000 a year, & holding $327,000 in credit card debt. They are currently proposing 'BIG' spending cuts to reduce their spending to $72,000 a year. These are the actual proportions of the federal budget & debt...
  7. CRFoster68

    Fishing St. George Island

    The family and I are headed down to FL on Sunday and I plan to do a little salt water fishing. Our rental is on the bay side of the island and has a small pier/dock that is on the bay. I haven't done much saltwater fishing other than putting some squid or shrimp on a hook and waiting on a...
  8. CRFoster68

    Fishing in NKY??

    I was wondering if any of you know of any good fishing spots that are accessable to the public near Campbell Co. (besides the Ohio river)? I do not have access to a boat up here, so i am looking to just fish from the bank. I was thinking about trying aj jolly... Anyone ever fished there? Any...
  9. CRFoster68

    Hundreds rally against Kentucky immigration bill......

    I don't know about you, but this makes my blood boil! What human rights should you have you if you are here illegally?
  10. CRFoster68

    Burn Bans in KY

    I was looking on the KY forestry web page and noticed that most of the counties in the north and central part of the state have burn bans. Kinda a bummer for all of us planning on camping out for opening weekend of gun season. Camping just won't be the same without a fire!:(
  11. CRFoster68

    Looking for a GOOD dehydrator. Any recomendations?

    I have an old one that I paid about $20 for about 15 years ago. It does an ok job, but I was wondering if any of the more pricey ones do a beter job? I am mainly looks to make jerkey and a little fruit. Also, any tips or tricks to dehydrating? Thanks for your input!
  12. CRFoster68

    Gulf Shores Alabama

    Hey guys, the family and I are taking a trip down to Gulf Shores the first week of May, and I plan to take a charter fishing while I am down there. I am not looking to go on one of the big party boats, just my FIL and I. I have taken several charters in south Flordia, but never in the northern...
  13. CRFoster68

    Palin got busted!

    While making fun of Obama for useing a TelePrompter, she had her top priorities written on her hand!!! I hope this isn't what the republican party is betting on!
  14. CRFoster68


    Anyone ever watch Everest on Discovery? IMO it's the best show I have seen in a while?
  15. CRFoster68

    UK tickets... What to do.....

    I have tickets to the uk/ul game and people are asking me to sell them...... I have had season tickets for years and am a big CATS fan. But on the other hand we just bought a house and could use the money. What would you do and how much should I ask for them?
  16. CRFoster68

    Any one else have Wednesday off?

    Well working for a bank can be a good thing some times. We are off on every holiday known to man! I can't wait to hit the woods tomorrow!
  17. CRFoster68

    Live from the stand in Owen co.

    I'm sitting here in a wind storm just praying I don't get blown out of this tree!!!! I would say the wind is atleast 25 mph... Saw a small 8 chasing 2 does this morning, but the wind has picked up alot hoping that it dies down around dusk. I'll keep ya posted.
  18. CRFoster68

    What time???

    What time do you guys like to get in the stand in the morning now that the time has changed?
  19. CRFoster68

    Hunting question

    I have a stupid question...... If my wife goes out hunting with me and does not carry a weapon does she need to have a license? I know she has to have her orange on but I can't find if she needs to buy a license? She has no intent of shooting she just wanted to see what it was like. Thanks...
  20. CRFoster68

    Need help with a corn feeder...

    I am having problems with the feeder leaking corn out of the funnel... The feeder I bought has a plastic barrell with a small funnel that comes down close to the timer that throws the corn. I can't figure out why the corn does not stop trickling out when it hits the spinner. It continues to...