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    P-R funding revocation act

    Y'all need to get on the phone and hammer Reps Massie and Comer over their cosponsoring a bill that would eliminate Pittman Robertson funding. For those unfamiliar, this funding went into effect in 1937 and is an excise tax on firearms and ammunition. Funding is legally required to go to...
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    Just saw on another forum that he and I share membership in, that Fowler passed away overnight.
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    Old Squaw

    Word on the street is there are at least three old squaw sitting on Barren River Lake, around Bailey's Point. I don't hunt KY anymore and don't know the lake, either....but I figured I'd pass this on, since season opens in a couple of days. Good luck, lol.
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    Anyone missing a brown dog from around Dyersburg?

    A male chocolate lab was found by some folks and they are looking for his owners. He apparently knows a few commands, so he's not likely a dump job. Dog is in poor health, might have been lost during early wood duck season. No microchip present, but I know from one of my dogs that they can be...
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    Every time the wind blows....the power goes out

    Is this normal for a rural power company? We recently moved to west TN and almost every single time ANY type of storm moves through, the power goes out in my county. Currently, I'm sitting in the house without any air conditioning, fan, water (on a well), etc - all because a brief and very...
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    Did Covert scout cams sell out?

    I know the guy who owned the company was active here a few years ago. Finally got into a spot where I can justify buying a few of them, and it looks like the company was bought by some corporate place in Wisconsin. Anyone know what's up? I wanted to support a small business - plenty of big...
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    Winch for butchering

    We have started our own little farm for a bit of self sufficiency and will be butchering hogs and cattle a few times per year. The last two houses I butchered, I just hung from the tractor bucket and went about my business. That's not going to be possible with a cow and electric winch...
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    Confirmed cinnamon teal in Christian county

    Too bad it's not season - there's a drake cinnamon teal sitting on a pond south of Hoptown, so sayeth a certain bird watching group. I might try to venture up that way today and take a look; probably the only chance I'll have to see one.
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    Is Trump still President?

    Just wondering, since I see a lot of smack being bandied about by lefty retards on various forums I frequent. Nary a word about the last three months of China Joe's turn at the wheel.. just more "Orange Man Bad" bull. We get it - you don't like the man. But your guy is in the office now. Let's...
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    Chainsaw sharpener

    I have a LOT of trees that I need to get down around the farm. The place was left unmanaged for over a decade and while a lot of the growth is early to mid-successional, I still have a few dozen or more mature trees to cut down. I would like an electronic chain sharpener so I don't have to muck...
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    Censorship is growing

    Arfcom ( is down, removed by GoDaddy. They have a backup site for now. Second City Cop (a blog run by Chicago PD officers) have been removed. Thee Rant (an NYPD version of Second City) is gone. Mike The Cop is getting censored on Facebook. We already know about Trump on Twitter, FB...
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    Capttrae, found a job for ya Wish I was qualified for this gig - sound nice.
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    We ain't in KY anymore, but son's first cat down!

    We moved to West TN in November and were blessed with 46 acres where the house sits. Son has been wanting to run a line for a while, but opportunities were limited, since lived in Louisville and it was a 45 minute drive to the farm we hunted. Well, the boy now has a small line set, with a...
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    Well, I'm not in Kentucky anymore, but there's a number of folks on here that are out in the western part of the state, so maybe I'll have some luck. We just bought a place south of Paris, TN and being that I spent the last two months commuting back and forth to Louisville, I hadn't had much...
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    If anyone wants a surf scoter for the wall

    I have it on good authority one is hanging around the Ohio in downtown Louisville. For those who know the area, it's by the creek, downriver from the ramp. Of course, it probably won't be there by the time the split is over.
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    Too bad it won't be here in a couple of weeks

    Reports of a harlequin duck loafing around Barren River Lake. Pics supposedly exist. If I see them, I'll come back and post them.
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    Fun yesterday

    Had a great day yesterday with my son and a couple of good dudes! Thanks to KYH5N1 and his son for the awesome hunt - it's a nice way to finish up our time in Kentucky.
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    Fort Knox gun safe for sale, Louisville

    Fort Knox Defender gun safe for sale or trade. 37" wide (model 6637) with fire liner and electronic lock. Has carpet lined walls, interior lights, with 10 pistol holsters velcroed to wall. Room for 20 long guns. Has two shelves that run the entire width of the safe with four approx half width...
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    Quick genealogy question

    My mom's side of the family is from Kentucky - anyone here happen to be - or related to - a Rice (from Boyd or Carter counties) or a Thornberry from Clark? For you Winchester folks...yes, the same ones that owned the grocery store. I don't claim to know them at all, but they are my...
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    So, I took one of the suggestions here...

    My capstone project is undergoing the approval process - thought some of you might be interested to know that I'm essentially writing a white paper regarding the change in distributional shifts in duck populations across the flyways in North America. In other words, I'm looking for evidence in...