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  1. Gixxerjoe04

    Unit 2 BBD

    Got it done yesterday evening in unit 2. Went out Saturday, heard some bugling, had a fork horn come in both in the morning and evening. Figured out the bugling was coming from our target bull but he didn’t want to leave his cows. Set up a blind, went out yesterday, it rained basically all...
  2. Gixxerjoe04

    Unit 2 DIY hunt

    So since I got screwed out of my unit choices and then lost my outfitter, seems like my only option is now for a diy hunt. Chances are slim but it’s better than no chance. There are a few regulated areas that have an opening but I can’t try to get one until next month. Me and some friends...
  3. Gixxerjoe04

    Finally!!!! Bull firearm

    Week 2 firearm, Now need to figure out what to do haha, outfitter or not, figure they’re probably a fortune, any suggestions?
  4. Gixxerjoe04

    New Elk entry selection

    Saw on facebook today that kdfw has changed the entry selection for this year. They combined they archery for cow and bull, so now there are only 3 selections to pick from. Curious why they did that and what's the advantage. It said they did that to increase hunter success, so I guess that...
  5. Gixxerjoe04

    Get a room

    I’d gladly leave a barn door open so they can get some privacy, would rig it to trap them in though. He came out right after shooting light two nights ago, maybe I’ll get lucky tonight and he’ll show a little sooner tonight but doubtful. Always wishful thinking with trail cam pics and vidoes.
  6. Gixxerjoe04

    Today is the day

    Who’s ready to have their hopes and dreams shattered yet again? Haha, good luck everyone!
  7. Gixxerjoe04

    Hunting lease deal

    Saw this deal of the century on Facebook in case anyone is looking for a lease.
  8. Gixxerjoe04

    How often should you restring?

    Was wondering what the general rule is for having your bow and xbow restrung? Would think it'd last awhile if it's not used but could be the opposite, or how often it's out in the elements.
  9. Gixxerjoe04

    Anyone going this weekend

    Weather warming up again to the 70s this weekend, who all is going out to try to catch something? Me and a couple buddies will be hitting Laurel lake tomorrow and Saturday, hopefully something will be biting.
  10. Gixxerjoe04

    Looking to buy a camera

    Been wanting to buy a decent camera for awhile(something better than my phone), now that a baby is about to arrive my wife really wants one, so that means we can get one haha. Looking for any suggestions for a decent camera around the $600+/- range. Besides taking pics of the baby, want to use...
  11. Gixxerjoe04

    Hate trail cam thieves?

    Don't know the whole story, but don't do what this guy did. HARLAN, Ky. (LEX 18) - Kentucky State Police have identified the individual killed during an officer-involved shooting in the Woodland Hills community of...
  12. Gixxerjoe04

    Need pulled deer roast recipe

    Looking for a good recipe for pulled deer roast. I found one online last year and used it and it was awesome, but being smart, I didn't save it. Only thing I remember about it is having Worcestershire sauce and a decent amount of small ingredients haha. Don't want to do just bbq sauce because...
  13. Gixxerjoe04

    Last check before the guns

    Checked my camera one last time before the guns come out. Have a handful of bucks coming in but of course none that I had on camera during the earlier months. Got one really tall 6 pointer which just looks funny and a bunch of tiny bucks. This is the best one over the past couple weeks...
  14. Gixxerjoe04

    Stove Problem

    The other day our power went out and when it came back on our stove didn't. The stove top still works but the oven digital key pad isn't on and isn't working blindly i guess you could say. Anyone ever have a problem like that or know what it could be? Didn't know if there are fuses in stoves...
  15. Gixxerjoe04

    Free arrows

  16. Gixxerjoe04

    Random House problem

    So last year during winter we used our propane fireplace, noticed the mantel was turning black and I could rub it off somewhat with my finger. Thought maybe it was dust/dirt burning off and we'd just clean it off and be done with it. Then noticed upstairs, there was black stuff on the blinds...
  17. Gixxerjoe04

    Few new guys

    Checked my camera the other day, unfortunately I hadn't had time to check it sooner and the 4gig card had been full for almost 2 weeks which really sucks. But had some nice ones show up in the short time, video sure fills the card fast but at least I can have a better view of the bucks and...
  18. Gixxerjoe04

    First check, drop tines didn't come back

    Got my camera put out a few weeks ago and finally had time to check it, some nice ones and tons of deer. My one question, last year I had a sweet drop tine on camera, was on camera opening weekend but never saw him again on camera or in person. Got a picture of a nice buck that I think is the...
  19. Gixxerjoe04

    Diamond razor edge, pink camo FOR SALE

  20. Gixxerjoe04

    Mounts and sunlight

    So we did some rearranging at the house and the wife didn't want mounts in the living room. Ended up hanging the 2 by the stairs. Didn't think about it until this morning with the sun coming in, but could the sun damage them in any way?