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  1. K9trapper

    Off to NAFA...

    Off to NAFA
  2. K9trapper

    Finally..season is here

    All my traps are ready, just need to get a week to run some. Coyotes should be fat with all the dead deer around lol. Hope y'all have a safe and successful season!
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    Bass Pro credit cards

    Posting to let anyone who has a Bass Pro credit card know that your points expire over a period of time. BUT if you ask them at the service desk they will re-activate all of your expired points. I did this last week and they went all the way back to when I opened the account in 2009! After a...
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    My last day in Mississip'

    I pulled up anchor yesterday to make the long drive back to the Arctic of Indiana. Only had 38 traps to pull but an eventful morning. Coons doubled where the greys were before. Sometimes you got to stop and soak it all in. I took 20 shots of the sunrise when I needed to be packing, lol...
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    Late to the show

    So I've escaped the black hole that I've lived in the past week. Whatever day Steve and Strut had their big day I had a good run too. Pics not too great as he was on a drag and wrapped up in the thicket. Over 40# on the deer scale and the first MS coyote I ever skinned. Big female, colors...
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    What could've been..

    Seven coons, four opossums, cat, beaver, otter was the day's catch. Lots of sign popping up since the rain, so I'm running ragged getting new traps in the ground. If this rain hadn't interrupted the week it could've been a barn burner. Not three checks left! Today's cat and location. Catch...
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    Possum toss!

    Yesterday was a possum toss all day. The rain wasn't horrible but I do have three traps way under water. My first two traps this morning held a carp and a rabbit in a long spring. The rabbit was caught in 4" of water!! I did manage a double on otters, coyote and muddy grey fox today. I also...
  8. K9trapper

    First check!

    I'm in a black hole for wifi. I'll have to post pics when I get to town. Anyway, first check of 27 traps revealed 3 cats, 2 greys, 2 beaver, 2 coons and 2 opossums. I got another 19 in today for 46 total. Deer season is now over here so I can set the rest of my places tomorrow. The boys are...
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    'Twas the night before Mississippi

    I'm off for Flora, Mississippi in the morning for our annual trapping adventure. Forecast looks good except for big storms on Tuesday. The Mississippi River is flooding and backing up water into the Big Black so I'll have some problems. Hopefully the critters are running for high ground and...
  10. K9trapper

    Catching up!

    I've been catching a few but haven't had time to post much. Caught another one of them big IN cats. Worse than opossums up here! Snow sure humbles you quick. Seems I fill the truck or blank this year. Good fur on most, only tossed 4-5 so far. Enjoy! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Two strikes!

    Caught these two cats and a sack full of coyotes today. Bad part these cats lived North of the Ohio River so they got released. Maybe one day IN will have a season, cause I could catch 20 if they'd let me. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Knocked off the rust

    First traps I've set this year. Threw in a dozen on Thursday afternoon. Had a coyote and cat the first check, and the same on day two. Both males cats, one small and one jumbo. Not hardly any cats in this country, so I'm sure I caught them all, lol. Gonna be tagged out quick when I get to my...
  13. K9trapper

    FTA National Convention

    Is in Lagrange, IN next week, June 25-27. I'll be up there on Thursday to restock on bait/lure and some accessories. Next yrs convention is in Kansas, so this one is much closer. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Loaded up for NAFA

    Not everything I caught in my three weeks of trapping this season, but all that's finished. There's another pickup here in Indiana in mid-April so I'll get the rest done later. Cats are a combination of KY and MS, I sold two others to taxidermists. Sad to see them go! Sent from my iPad using...
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    FTA National Convention

    Will be in Lagrange IN this yr, June 25-27. Before you break out the map, that's in Northeast IN about 8-10 miles south of Michigan. If you've never been to a national convention, put it on your bucket list. Easy place to drop, a grand or two! I'm posting now as many will fade away from the...
  16. K9trapper


    You coming to E'town? Bringing any of your trapline creations, drags, conibear supports, etc. to sell? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Last of the MS pics

    I've ran alone the last two seasons while down south, and to be honest I'm starting to enjoy it that way. While setting traps all day is physically exhausting, the time away from work is very refreshing. I was consistently running 70 traps for the week. Eight cats, 5 grays, 5 otters, 4 beavers...
  18. K9trapper

    Oddities of the MS trip

    I was telling Fullstrut and StevenS that some weird stuff happened on this yrs trip. One morning I dispatched a coon in a cat set, then reset the trap. Got up and felt something watching me. Low and behold another coon trying to hide up a 20' sweet gum tree. I made the 15 yard head shot with the...
  19. K9trapper

    More from Mississippi trip

    Most of my better pics are on my big camera and I don't have the card reader with me. I'll throw some catch pics up in a day or so. Lots of fur down south, as the pics show. The past two yrs we've had so much rain that I actually set traps in a lot of places that I've never seen dry! I found a...
  20. K9trapper

    Scenic pics

    Ran traps in Grayson county last week. Six coyotes, three cats and six coons in six checks on one farm. Enjoyed Saturday morning the most. Hope you enjoy as well. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk