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  1. CREED

    7 year old white gobbler killed on video.

    If someone could help me attach the link, there is some short footage of a 7 year old gobbler we called "whitey" killed on video from the 17th in Kentucky. This was a true trophy to me, not for the fact that it was white, but for the fact that we knew the bird's actual age because of trail cam...
  2. CREED

    Fingers crossed, getting ready to head out!

    Can't say that I have ever been this excited to hunt Ft. Knox before. I have hunted there for over 20 years now, but today is my daughters first quota hunt with ol' Dad. She's as excited as I am, and if I told you that I had been to sleep very much tonight I'd be a liar. I'm praying that little...
  3. CREED

    Son Didn't Let This Guy Walk

    After a week of second guessing myself over my son's(7 y/o) insistence on letting deer walk to wait for a "big one", this guy showed up this afternoon and he dropped mr. super-spike in his tracks. This was the fourth buck he had in front of him this week, and I'm relieved he found one he liked...
  4. CREED

    My 7 Year old just left me scratching my head!

    My 7 year old has shot some deer, but never an antlered buck. So tonight I see him finally get his chance and am kicking myself in the butt right now....From day one, I have preached to him "we don't shoot little bucks, if you want to just shot something kill a doe or a good buck, no little...
  5. CREED

    Found Him!

    After a long night we got after it as soon as the sun got up enough for good light, found him on a field edge about 50 yds from where I last saw him before climbing down. Glad I backed out, he had bedded 100-150 yds. from where I shot him. Coyotes had found him first and really did a number on...
  6. CREED

    Sleepless Night Tonight.......

    Sleepless Night Tonight.......Update, Here He Is! Finally had one of my target deer come in tonight before dark, way before dark. 19 yards perfectly broadside, whistled, stopped him just as everything was suppose to go down, and right as I let it fly. He grunted and took off after a doe that...
  7. CREED

    Daughter Just Killed an Absolute Stud in this Monsoon!

    Redlined is going to post the pics in a little bit.... So proud of her, a legit 25-9, r- 1 5/8", l- 1 9/16", and a 11 7/8" rope. We where on this joker all afternoon yesterday, had a 40 yard shot but wasn't comfortable with either my daughters shooting performances to date and letting the...
  8. CREED

    Turkey Country's Answer to Moving Spring Season Up

    Seems every year there are several on here that gripe about spring turkey needing to be moved up. Great article in Turkey Country magazine this month, anyone read it?
  9. CREED

    Well, who's it gonna be?

    Any dibbs on the first person to post a picture of a dead giant on the ground? I see Doubled T claimed honors of first doe!