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  1. schroader

    Must does in Gatlinburg tn

    Going there for a short vacation. What is some must does while there? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
  2. schroader


    Should be a good supper! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
  3. schroader

    whats the best 4 seater side by side

    Lookinf into getting one, just what to know some opinions from people that own them.. really looking into the razr 4 seater.. help me lol
  4. schroader

    looking for a german shepard

    The wife and Iare looking for a nother dog. Would like a akc or ukc german shepard. Anyone have any one the recommend.
  5. schroader

    How many??? Help

    I am going to smoke some boston butts to feed around 60 people. How many do i need to do.. Theyn average about 12-13 pounds each.
  6. schroader

    cabinet smoker info please (40" masterbuilt)

    Just wondering what temps you guys set on your buts, chickens, ribs? Going to fix some for the 4th and need a little help. I have always used a round on from lowes.. Thanks
  7. schroader

    android apps

    whats some good apps for android phones? what s good app to download free music? thanks for the help
  8. schroader

    gulf shores

    Whos been? whats some must do things for kids or a family?
  9. schroader

    Mark of the Best... What do you think?? Think it will be a must? Give me your thoughts?
  10. schroader

    need help with camera.....

    Im looking to buy a camera and would like a nice one with the function of taking pics of moving objects. What would be the best bang for my buck? Help me please.
  11. schroader

    Corn >>>>> wow

    I went and got some corn today to put in the feeder and wow it has sky rocketed in the last month. Guy said its no where toped out yet.. I domnt know that i can afford to feed the deer this winter. Whats the prices where u guys are at? Schroader
  12. schroader

    Smith & Wesson M&P 15.. Anyone have one

    Anyone have one PROS & CONS Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport •16" Barrel with 1 in 8" Twist •30 Round PMAG® Magazine •Adjustable Front and Rear Sights •6-Position Telescopic Butt Stock •Chrome-lined Gas Key and Bolt Carrie
  13. schroader

    HELP.... smoking a ham

    Hey guys help me out please. My wifes family wants me to smoke a precooked ham. it is 8 pounds. how long should I smoke it?
  14. schroader

    need help about tri star

    Anyone know what chokes fit theses things? Wanting to buy a waterfowl choke but dont know what to buy. thanks
  15. schroader

    what shotgun to buy

    if you were going to buy a new semi-auto shot gun what would you buy and Why??? thank you.
  16. schroader

    any pipefitters on here?

    How do you like your job? whats the ups and downs of the job?
  17. schroader

    How and when do you make mock scrapes....????

    how many days before season and when do you do it....??? Lets here how you make them.
  18. schroader

    Iphone apps know any

    Anybody know of any good Iphone apps. Help me
  19. schroader

    Our Pres...

    says we will make BP pay.... I maybe redneck but I do know that if you make them pay big fines( witch they should) we will be the ones paying... I read the other day that BP makes 65m a day , and they r paying 10 m a day fines. there still making money and paying there fines.... Wonder how long...
  20. schroader

    This is great...

    U guys have to watch this... The Rap The Hunt Be sure to watch all the hunt..