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  1. Drake

    6 years old with lots of charactor.

    I always enjoy picking up deer year after year. Its interesting to see the progression in antler growth and the accumulated information on the habits/home range. This buck is estimated at 6 years of age. I have a set of his sheds as a 3 year old and dozens of trail camera pictures. I will be...
  2. Drake

    Your thoughts on this bucks ear.

    I would like to get your opinion on this bucks ear... I can't tell if its the angle, lighting, etc. But it looks like this buck is missing almost his entire left ear. What are your thoughts?
  3. Drake

    Starting to figure out his pattern...

    Hunting a new farm is both fun and frustrating. Taking inventory of the bucks on the farm early in the season and identifying the ones I wanted to target this year was a blast... figuring out a way to kill them, well that was the frustrating part. I have tightened the net on at least one of...
  4. Drake

    Frigid Forage "Wild Game Buffet"

    Update on the 1 acre plot I planted May 25th in Frigid Forage “Wild Game Buffet”. Overall I’m pleased with the plot. I made a rookie mistake of over seeding the perimeter before adjusting my spreader. I did go back a week later and spread a mix of red & white clover in hopes of filling in...
  5. Drake

    Starting from scratch

    Looking for some advise and direction. I have an opportunity to plant a food plot on my lease. The farmer has bush hogged the area for me which had 2 seasons of growth. I have sent my soil samples out for testing and should have them this week. The total food plot would be approximately 1.25...
  6. Drake

    My new 2014 project

    I have been looking and researching tracking breeds for the past 2 years. Growing up handling Labs my whole life had me questioning what breed would be right for me... An opportunity to acquire a female Bloodhound fell in my lap and the rest is history. We are in the honeymoon phase of our...
  7. Drake

    The same deer... I think so.

    It seems like I post a thread like this just about every season. I truly enjoy running trail cameras and putting the pieces together year after year. This is a buck I have been getting pictures of all season... It wasn't until I saw him hard horned did he remind me of a buck I had a short...
  8. Drake

    She has her hands full...

    I thought this was a cool picture. The old Coverts are still running strong even after 5 seasons!
  9. Drake

    Once the tobacco is out...

    Question for all the food plot savvy... For the first time this year the property I hunt will have about 5-6 acres of tobacco planted. At first I was pretty bummed out about the thought of having guys, cutting, staking, and hanging tobacco during the first part of the season. I primarily...
  10. Drake

    November 4th action!

    This camera is overlooking a scrape that I had freshened up the day before with some estrus doe. I watched this youngster run wide open from 11:00 - 2:00 pm in this corner cruising. He gets the pass this year.
  11. Drake

    Early October Love

    Pulled my camera off a fence crossing boardering a bedding area. Thought this was a cool video.
  12. Drake

    What to plant...

    I have finally gotten the OK to plant a new food plot in the lower section of our lease. The ground will need worked before I can even think about planting. My question is given the time of year what should I be working toward sowing???
  13. Drake

    Cabin Fever

    It is already setting in and deer season is less than a month out! Spend some time last weekend at the lease with a buddy... thought the shot turned out nice.
  14. Drake

    Trip out to field with the DSLR...

    I have been focusing all my efforts as of late to videoing hunts. Thought I would switch gears today and take the DSLR out... forgot how much fun taking still pics was!!! Hope you enjoy.
  15. Drake

    Will he be like this next year?

    I have explored and read lots of theories on why some bucks have deformed antler growth. I have been running cameras in the late season inventorying the remaining herd and doing my best to get on a late season doe. I have started getting pictures of what I believe to be a 3-year old buck with a...
  16. Drake

    The conclusion to OMG.

    Well, I have posted multiple threads and pictures of the buck "OMG" over the past 3 years. Today my father was lucky enough to havest the unbelievable monarch at 6 1/2 years of age. Bittersweet would no doubt be the best summary of my emotion. I have exhausted myself in the pursuit of this deer...
  17. Drake

    My dad's 2010 season buck mount.

    Picked up my dad's 2010 season buck mount from Clear Water Taxidermy yesterday. Thought the mount turned out nice. My father is looking forward to hitting the woods again this season.
  18. Drake

    Grayson County... White Oak Report???

    Is anyone live or hunt in Grayson Co??? If so, can you please give me an update on what the oaks are doing? Thanks!
  19. Drake

    4 years of history... Maybe this season.

    I have posted multiple pictures of this buck over the past few years. The first picture I got of this deer he was only 4.5, but the only thing I could say about him was OMG... hints the name. I have sheds off this deer from when he was 2.5 & 4.5; 3 years of trail camera pictures and tons of...