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  1. CREED

    Remember the photo

    Butthurt....? That would be the result of same-sex male couple.....nice stance on trying to be politically correct and pissing your leg. The term butthurt isn't in reference to cutting a big turd.....
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    API Climber for sale-$50

    pm sent
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    Sold - Ol' Man 20' Ladder Stick

    Pm sent
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    question for those that hunt alone..

    Back under a decent size limb, throw a rope around it. One end to the deer, the other to your hitch. Keep in mind when you tie it off not to have any slack. (raising one end of the deer helps tremendously) and put the truck in reverse slowly. Deer will raise up over tailgate and into the bed as...
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    Snipe Creek Lodge: Perfect Example

    If you want to laugh, google the urban dictionary definition of "scarp," the root word of e/scarp/ is definitely worth a laugh. It may shed some light on their "itch" for deer management
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    @#$%! Thief!!!!!

    My IQ has dropped just from wasting the time to read through this wonder the thief hasn't been caught, someone don't have enough sense to even report it stolen....WOW.
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    Local Calls

    Final Roost, without a doubt the best mouth calls I have EVER used. Made in Hodgenville by Louie Payne. Unbelievably raspy, and can really carry the sound. I make an annual trip every year for the several of the sudden death series.
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    7 year old white gobbler killed on video.

    If someone could help me attach the link, there is some short footage of a 7 year old gobbler we called "whitey" killed on video from the 17th in Kentucky. This was a true trophy to me, not for the fact that it was white, but for the fact that we knew the bird's actual age because of trail cam...
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    Name for a Beaver Lure

    No Dam Joke Jam
  10. CREED

    Name for a Beaver Lure

    Flattail flatliner....
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    Find the buck

    It should have to could find a 150 inch deer in a damn bucket!!!!!!!! :-)
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    Hardin County Roadkill Buck

    You just made me want to puke.....I have had that deer on camera for the last two years. I used to lease the farm on 313 next to the tracks. His brows did not however have the splits until this year. Gonna look and see if I can find the pics.
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    Youth tagging question.

    When you buy your tags next time, have them scroll you off an extra blank license for your son. That way you have a list with the all their information from the year as yours would on the back. At our youth hunt our CO brings blank rolls for our kids to have to fill out. It makes it easy to hang...
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    150 hang onto your son's deer and bring it to Mike at Outdoorsman Choice when you come to Knox to hunt. He'll be well worth the time and money. He lives minutes from post.
  15. CREED

    Got my 2012 Oct bow buck back!!

    Great deer! Mike does do a great job, he's done a few for me too! congrats on great deer!
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    Fingers crossed, getting ready to head out!

    Can't say that I have ever been this excited to hunt Ft. Knox before. I have hunted there for over 20 years now, but today is my daughters first quota hunt with ol' Dad. She's as excited as I am, and if I told you that I had been to sleep very much tonight I'd be a liar. I'm praying that little...
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    Son Didn't Let This Guy Walk

    After a week of second guessing myself over my son's(7 y/o) insistence on letting deer walk to wait for a "big one", this guy showed up this afternoon and he dropped mr. super-spike in his tracks. This was the fourth buck he had in front of him this week, and I'm relieved he found one he liked...
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    My 7 Year old just left me scratching my head!

    Okay, maybe I didn't make myself clear enough. I'm not worried about him not wanting to hunt cause he hasn't killed a buck. It's not his first deer. He has the passion, he's hunted several states in his young life, and lives, eats, breathes hunting. I tried everything I could to get him to shoot...
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    How many times has this "doe suprise" happened to you!

    Had tons of suprises like that working the weigh station at Knox, you wouldn't believe the amount of people we have had shoot the antlers off or break them off to try and save their buck tag.......their ignorance is almost comical sometimes. I did waste my buck tag on a spike about the same as...
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    My 7 Year old just left me scratching my head!

    My 7 year old has shot some deer, but never an antlered buck. So tonight I see him finally get his chance and am kicking myself in the butt right now....From day one, I have preached to him "we don't shoot little bucks, if you want to just shot something kill a doe or a good buck, no little...