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  1. cedar creek

    Big buck in prospect

    Saw a stud 10 point or bigger on us 42 this afternoon, he was running scared close to The road and in a commercial area, I hope pour guy didn’t get hit, probably 20 inch wide and big tines and still has plenty of time to grow, I never saw one develop that much now, he looked like a dream buck...
  2. cedar creek

    Stock market

    Interest going up and the stock market down, only get mugged paying taxes and buying gas, this is a steep drop, just concerns me a little bit
  3. cedar creek

    Gulf Shores

    Going fishing on vacation, not much of a fishing guy but always noodling and bank poles growing up, looking forward to the bay or ocean, step up from bobbers and worms lol, hope I get a good mess to cook at least
  4. cedar creek

    Cement shortage hitting central KY

    Going to be tough for a bit, hopefully it gets straightened out soon, wish it was during deer season wouldn’t have been that bad lol
  5. cedar creek

    Last weekend push

    It’s been a long enjoyable season for me, haven’t killed nothing yet but had several chances and saw what I wanted and heard turkeys, passed on a jake one time and a big Tom because it was just tad out of range, probably get the snake boots out and give it one more try, late season can be very...
  6. cedar creek


    Saw two trailing a hen tonight on the farm, 2 little bitty birds behind momma hen, guess my trapping last year helped a little, couldn’t believe my eyes but that’s what it was
  7. cedar creek

    Knob top gobblers

    First year hunting rugged terrain, deep woods steep knobs, went after a Tom yesterday afternoon, he was at the tip top gobbling and drumming for all afternoon, I made a sneak attack up the knob for several hours, finally got close enough to hear him spit drum, I waited him out for another hour...
  8. cedar creek

    Getting pumped

    First year hunting land I bought and paid for, might run around naked and hoop and holler if I get one lol, no body can run me off or say it’s rented, probably be a rough hunt but maybe I get lucky,
  9. cedar creek

    Crazy leases

    Old farm I used to hunt, and my neighbor farm went for 20k for lease, not worth that at all, it’s amazing the power of marketing and a few pictures of a deer can get people to pull out there check books, it was a real slap in the face to see what this sport or passion has become, seeing your old...
  10. cedar creek

    Cold scouting this morning

    Heard 1 bird gobbling this morning, cold wet morning but was enjoyable.
  11. cedar creek

    Bitter taste of defeat

    Florida hunt didn’t go as planned, massive habitat loss and no upkeep of the farm made for some sorry hunting, stayed at it for 3 days wide open, father in law got a bearded hen butI struggle for a bird, hate to fail at something I’m passionate about, had a good time other than getting skunked...
  12. cedar creek


    We have the military tools and manpower to have stopped this Ukrainian crisis before it began, why did we just set an watch it unfold? They were setting ducks on the border before it began, airstikes could have pounded them back into Russia and there tail between there legs, now we got a mess...
  13. cedar creek


    Have processed beef for sale, anyone around Nelson county, burger, steaks, affordable,
  14. cedar creek


    Taking my father in law to chief land Florida opening weekend to a guide and try for his first Osceola then hopefully hit public ground after we tag one Saturday, looking forward to it the swamp is an Erie feeling from being used to farmland and knobs, but everything is beautiful in its own way.
  15. cedar creek


    I hope all in that building felt fear, the same as a lot of young Americans have felt all over this world defending our country, they needed a little taste of what they have put our military folks in situations over the years, since the decisions came from that building I’m glad they got a bit...
  16. cedar creek

    Christmas memories

    Was 18 at Pope AFB, Christmas Eve was spent on the airfield preparing for snow or ice, we were the equipment guys so that was a big deal for our job, at 2am Christmas we just were on the edge of the weather,it had passed and a warm front moved in with rain and cold 36 degrees the on duty NCO...
  17. cedar creek

    Need a good trapper

    Bought some new ground in Marion county, like to have it trapped out for bobcats coons coyotes etc, I don’t have time for it but need to at least make a try for my goal of having turkeys, liability wavier signed and if you good and get several critters I will make it worth your time, fuel, cash...
  18. cedar creek

    Need some help

    Have 70 acres , knob ground, logged recently, trying to set up for turkeys, need some serious bobcat hunters to make a few sets, pm me for information, Marion county were place is, sign a liability waiver and go after them.
  19. cedar creek


    Found the caped out remains of a large deer I was trying to hunt on the side of small country road going through the farm I have leased. Very upset to say the least, I just don’t understand why people do that, contacted game warden to put that spot on the decoy buck next year hopefully they...
  20. cedar creek

    Logged land

    Bought a chunk of ground that was logged recently, never had enough money to buy anything years back so finally got enough cash to swing 65 acres deep woods, not clear cut but thinking about cleaning up the laps and chain sawing some of the brush, song birds love the place but going for turkey...