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  1. tinpoint

    finally,one down and one to go

    Finally this morning my son and I had some luck,we got set up at day light and put a full set of decoys up,one "killer B", with real feather fan, a jake and three hens,I thought what the heck,seasons almost over for me,just through em all out there and see what happens.Far off in the distance I...
  2. tinpoint

    First sign of Bucks Chaseing

    This morning in Calloway Co. my son and I saw the first buck movement weve seen in a while.I was watching 3 does slowly moving closer to my stand and from out of no where a 10 pointer and a smaller 6 pointer just busted in on them and they scattered every wich way.The big buck left soon after...
  3. tinpoint

    deer target for decoy?

    I have a "Shooter Buck" 3d target to practice on, and I was just wondering, could you use this for a decoy? or do think it would work or not.I've been looking at decoys and to me they look just like my target....what do you guys think?
  4. tinpoint

    Hey Everybody have a good and safe opening weekend

    I have'nt posted on here in a long time,I just wanted to say hey to everybody and wish you good luck this opening weekend,its going to be really hot on sat,carry lots of water and your themacells..
  5. tinpoint

    First Turkey ..Ever""

    Well a week ago from today my oldest son and I killed our first gobbler, it had a ten inch beard and one inch spurs.Niether one of us had ever turkey hunted before this season so we thought we would give it a try.We watched all the DVDs about turkey hunting, got us some calls and decoys and...
  6. tinpoint

    Rod and Reel Question

    I picked up a rod and reel at an estate sale last year,the reel is a Abu Garcia 6500-c32 speed,and the rod is a Fenwick Legacy Triggerstick LG 59P XH 5'9", and the question I have is about the rod,has anybody ever seen or heard of one of these before?,I can't seem to find another one like it...
  7. tinpoint

    LBL Trip ????

    Well my son and I got back last night from a 5 day bow hunting trip at LBL.We did a lot of scouting a couple of days before we went and decided on area 10,it had tons of sign along the edges of corn fields and fall food plots,so we hung our stands back in the hardwoods in a stand of white oaks,I...
  8. tinpoint

    mock scrape ?

    whats the best way to make a mock scrape?
  9. tinpoint

    Last Day Before Gun Season....

    Well its 5:00 am and I'm heading out with my bow for one more quite morning before all hell breaks out tomorrow,Im hopeing for a weather change for the good to be here soon,man its been awful,the deer have just not moved much in this hot weather. What about it?,anybody else going out...
  10. tinpoint

    chasing / rattling? in West Ky.

    has anybody seen any bucks chasing does in the southwest part of the state???
  11. tinpoint

    Palins 25 million dollar gravel rd.

    just thought I would pass this on....;_ylt=Avg8Evl2rdcmiJwe7gJ8JnRH2ocA :D
  12. tinpoint

    Calloway Co.?

    Is anybody doing any good,or seeing any deer around Calloway co. or in this part of the state? Im just not seeing much,nothing like last year.
  13. tinpoint

    Quiet in West Ky

    Pretty quite in my part of the woods,wich is Calloway Co.close to the Tenn.line,I saw a Buck with a doe at 6:30 this morning,it was a young buck,maybe 6 points,hard to tell,it was kind of a wierd looking rack,I had a shot at about 80yds,but he was just to small and to young,and he rewarded me...
  14. tinpoint

    How many Elk?

    Does anybody know about how many elk we have here in Ky now,I was just curious,Im a deer hunter,but maybe someday I would love to try for one of those big guys.Is the heard growing every year? are they spreading out any to other parts of the state?
  15. tinpoint

    Chasing in West Ky...Update..

    O.k guys whats going on out there?,I scouted around a little this afternoon and finally found one scrape and another spot on bare ground where a buck had drug his antlers around marking up the ground,has the good chasing not started this far south or has my little honey hole dryed up this...
  16. tinpoint

    chasing in west Ky.?

    Anybody seen any chasing or anything close to signs of the rut in Calloway Co.or other parts of west Ky.?
  17. tinpoint

    Wing Supply

    I recently bought some No Trace clothing from Wing Supply at a "great" price,but what really blew my mind was the service,I ordered over the internet one night around 8:30 or so and not the next day,but the next day at 11:00am the UPS man nocked on my door with my clothes! I have never got...
  18. tinpoint

    calloway co. is so dry I'm going........

    if calloway co. stays this dry,I think I'll ask the fish and wildlife people if they could try and stock some desert mule deer around here!!!
  19. tinpoint

    calloway co. any deer?

    has anybody seen any deer in or around calloway co.lately.A month ago deer were hitting my mineral lic pretty good,but since then I have"nt seen a single deer anywhere,is it so dry they just left?
  20. tinpoint

    The New Remington 770

    what about the Rem.770,anybody tried one? I had a 710 model a while back and for the price I thought it was a good gun,or I was happy with it anyway.