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  1. cobbhunts

    Nicholas County??

    Any Nich County hunters on here? I have an opportunity to hunt a farm over there and was wondering what the hunting is like as far as deer and turkey populations go. The farm looks and sounds great on paper, but I have no idea as far as population is concerned. Not really interested "trophy"...
  2. cobbhunts

    BGAD Triple

    All three of us got lucky this day. Got to my ladder stand a little late after dropping my hunters off. Made it to the 3rd step and spotted my buck making his way up the hill after a doe. Shot him hanging from the ladder!! Made for a short hunt, but he's a nice deer and my best to date. Main...
  3. cobbhunts

    Need a Parker Module

    Looking for a Parker FH2 Module for a friend who needs a shorter draw length. Anyone have an extra they would part with?
  4. cobbhunts

    Rough River Deer Hunting

    How's the hunting out on the Rough River? I am looking at a farm on the Grayson/Ohio County line. The back side of the farm is locked by the river. Any help is appreciated, never hunted in that area.
  5. cobbhunts

    Doubled on Hogs

    My brother and I met up in TN for a Hog hunt this weekend. After 4 hours of chasin' Hogs and Dogs through some mtns, we doubled on these two beast. He is in the navy and been in Japan for the last two years. Finally got stationed Conus and we decided to book a hunt. Got some great video! I took...
  6. cobbhunts

    Got Nephews Deer Back!!!!!

    148" 10 point taken with my Encore on a youth lottery hunt. Deer only had 7/8 of an inch in deductions. He also tagged this buck on opening day of the actual rifle youth season. How do you think they would look on the wall together!!!
  7. cobbhunts

    BGAD Youth Hunt Pics

    Post your BGAD Youth hunt photos here. I know there were several that got drawn. My cousin drew Area C and we had some luck. His first year hunting was this year and he took his second buck of the year, a 10 pointer, at the Depot. Green score is 147 5/8 with only 7/8 of an inch in deductions...
  8. cobbhunts

    A big thanks to Kalen (Pic)

    Thanks Kalen. Spencer had the best time. He really needed this after his stint overseas. He was just amazed at your hospitality. A great overall experience for him. Thanks a bunch! And the views were amazing...
  9. cobbhunts

    Still Nursing.....

  10. cobbhunts

    Remington or Winchester

    A friend of mine is in the market for a new M/L. He works with a guy that has two for sale for around $200. One is a Remington and the other is a Winchester. Any suggestions?? Should he look at new M/L for that price? How much are the Savage M/L's running?
  11. cobbhunts

    Ask WBBP how bad a Kawasaki....

    Smokes a Polaris.:D He sure talked game!
  12. cobbhunts

    First Bobcat Picture

    Thanks for sending my memory card Lab. It is much appreciated.
  13. cobbhunts

    Taunting Doe

    This is a good one!
  14. cobbhunts

    Democrats and Republicans

    A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost. She lowered her altitude and spotted a man in a boat below. She shouted to him, "Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don't know where I am." The man consulted his portable GPS and replied...
  15. cobbhunts


    The fawns were really out this past week. These two were pretty far away but this is hte best shot they gave me out of 10.
  16. cobbhunts

    That's Just Vulgar.

    I was looking through some old pictures and found this one. For some reason My Basset Hound likes to sleep like this. Post some pictures of some funny stuff your dog likes to do.
  17. cobbhunts


    That taste like..... Mule Ears And Mr. Photogeneic whom decided to bed down in front of the cam again and burn up memory card! Here is his mug shot. I really believe he is going to get in the way this year.
  18. cobbhunts

    Another East KY Buck

    I had to through that in there.:D
  19. cobbhunts

    Funny Sequence

    I had over 200 pictures of this same little buck last week. Two different days he visited and bedded down in front of my cam. He is very photgenic!
  20. cobbhunts

    Fantasy Football 2006

    It's free so join in. Max is 20 teams. Draft will be automated so you will want to rank your players. Details: League Name: Kyhunting Password: ff2006 Type: Autopick Draft Any ideas for the winners will be up to you guys...... We pitch in and get a trophy in one...