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  1. T-wil69

    Eye candy redo

    Must be ehd
  2. T-wil69


    Coming a flood here in Grayson right now water standing everywhere
  3. T-wil69

    Don’t forget quota hunt deadline

    Still haven’t got drawn for a duck hunt but got the pheasant quota as usual, I drew two sandhill crane tags and my wife drew 3 of them
  4. T-wil69

    Possible first all day sit

    Haha it shows high of 65 and low of 41 here for next sat, I wish it would stick
  5. T-wil69

    Possible first all day sit

    I hope your right, if so youth opener will be good
  6. T-wil69

    Big 10

    Looks like I’ll be babysitting until my wife gets one
  7. T-wil69

    Baiting controversy

    Where was you haha
  8. T-wil69

    Baiting controversy

    I can see it now, bone collector deer rubbers, stop the spread
  9. T-wil69

    Baiting controversy

    Doesn’t matter if they use a licking branch one day out of the year, That’s all it takes, like ted said you can’t ban that and there’s nothing we can do about it
  10. T-wil69

    Baiting controversy

    a lot of people say that baiting is bad because It can spread disease, I think uncle ted hit the nail on the head with this one
  11. T-wil69

    Young one

    I did have my range finder with me since I’ve started useing the hha optimizer sight but didnt have to use it haha, they came across a creek up a cattle trail right next to my blind, I just drew back when I seen them coming and let one fly when they came into my window, the others stuck around...
  12. T-wil69

    Young one

    Since I’ve killed my buck I’ve been wanting to get back out to the woods but really don’t need anymore deer meat so I’ve been trying to stick a turkey, had about 15 poults work in today, shot this one at 3 yards
  13. T-wil69

    Will the extreme dry conditionsaffect our firearm seasons?

    My wife’s stand is beside a small pond in the woods, only daylight activity she has saw is doe’s before dark
  14. T-wil69

    No one wants to just hunt anymore

    Me to, I’m 27 and all through high school I don’t even remember watching tv, seems like every night we was out until 1 or 2 coonhunting, that was when everyone I knew coonhunted, sure do miss it
  15. T-wil69

    Hunter Harrasment-nutty neighbor

    I thought it was illegal to interfear with the legal taking of game no matter what property you are on, chapter 150.710 hunter harassment law, a little video evidence to cover your side and the problem should be taken care of
  16. T-wil69

    Mutant Rat

    This isn’t a rat but it’s the longest tail I’ve ever seen on a mouse
  17. T-wil69


    If I had to guess I would say that at least 50 of the bull tags are spoken for before the drawing takes place
  18. T-wil69

    Fort Knox

    Ok is it to my understanding that anyone can bowhunt Fort Knox without having to be drawn?
  19. T-wil69

    No one wants to just hunt anymore

    I only missed one day of hunting this season before I tagged a buck and since then I have been about every day trying to stick a turkey (hen), would like to have some turkey meat and just like being out there instead of on the couch, that being said as high as leases are now, if I was going to...
  20. T-wil69

    Exit strategy

    Blowing like a deer is the only thing I have ever had to work without giving my location

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