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  1. Ataulbe1

    Active shooter in Allen Ky (Floyd Co)

    I am so sorry for your loss. There are no words. Just praying hard for you and your family.
  2. Ataulbe1

    Paranoid in Shepherdsville

    I think it's just a big show so he doesn't have to mow the lawn. Or maybe another case of "that's so Bullitt county".
  3. Ataulbe1


    When'd you start farming Stone Branch?
  4. Ataulbe1

    Golden Eagle and pronghorn

    There's a wild video out there of them dragging mountain goats off of cliffs too. Not a good way to go.
  5. Ataulbe1

    Lack of bees?

    Covered up in bees here on the clover that isn't fried. Noticed more than usual this week. Sure this heat is killing enough to limit their options. Hope the rain this weekend is enough to help.
  6. Ataulbe1

    Roe v Wade

    A cynical person might say it's not motivated by companies "just caring so much". They might follow the money and say it's because it benefits the company long term. No paid maternity leave, no additional insurance contribution, no call-ins due to sick kids/school cancelled/babysitter...
  7. Ataulbe1

    New handgun coming!

    Or a Glock....they might be ugly but they always go bang.
  8. Ataulbe1

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Here's the feeders and waterers I picked up. Put a t-post and cinder block in front to keep them from shitting in and kicking dirt in their water....stupid birds. Pretty cheap especially if you don't already have a 3" hole saw. No leaks and working perfect in the first week. The waterer...
  9. Ataulbe1

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Son and I put together a 50 gallon waterer and a few 5 gallon weatherproof feeders for the chickens this afternoon. Too damn hot to be choring all evening after work. Have enough capacity to just feed and water when it's comfortable now.
  10. Ataulbe1

    Good Michigan Trip

    Looks like a great triple! Charlevoix is one of the prettiest lakes I've been to.
  11. Ataulbe1

    Deer Rifle Poll (prep)

    If you're doing top 5 then .243 has to be on the list. Top 10, I'd say 7mm-08, 300, 6.5, 7mm, and maybe 223.
  12. Ataulbe1

    Keep an Eye on Turtle

  13. Ataulbe1

    Keep an Eye on Turtle

    Google is your friend. These kind of posts cause cancer. Also I have yet to hear someone define what an "assault weapon" is.
  14. Ataulbe1

    Keep an Eye on Turtle

    Decent analogy except pitbulls have attacked and even killed people with the owner yelling at them to stop. AR's are inatimate objects.
  15. Ataulbe1

    The Idiot an chief get's dumber by the day

    Who knew 9mm was so powerful?
  16. Ataulbe1

    Texas school shooting: Loved ones outside school begged police to go inside during shooting: 'Go in there!'

    I'd be surprised at this point. The coward hasn't even stepped down. My guess is he's spun himself up to think he's a hero or at the very least that he "did the right thing given the information he had at the time".
  17. Ataulbe1

    Selling a house on Land contract can it be done

    I know of 2 people that have done it. One time the people I knew were the seller, and the other the people I knew were the buyer. Both situations the seller wound up getting screwed.
  18. Ataulbe1

    Frog season

    Not to mention the black hawks.
  19. Ataulbe1

    Baby formula

    It's an Abbott supply chain shortage. I order for a hospital and it's been a nightmare since end of last year, with all products on weekly allocation. Some SKU's have months lead times and some backordered indefinitely. If you can find anything manufactured from Mead (Enfamil, Nutramigen, etc)...

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