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  1. mgpatty

    Security cameras?

    This thread is relevant to my interests. I am having a couple of security companies coming to my residence next week to give me quotes for security systems. I'm leaning towards security monitoring with notifications via cellular service. However, the video surveillance portion of monitoring...
  2. mgpatty

    The Bill

    I'm glad they're letting us keep our squirrel and deer guns. It would have been WAR had they mentioned my Browning Sweet Sixteen! I will, at least, be able to grouse hunt if the bill passes congress. The right to hunt keep and bear arms to hunt shall not be infringed!!!!
  3. mgpatty

    last night dem convention

    This. The Democrats can't run on their record, or the economy, so all they have left is the Left's typical philosophy of "Hate and Divide".
  4. mgpatty

    Natural gas leasing?

    I've consulted with an attorney over the weekend. I'm just wondering mostly what is a good going rate per acre for the lease and what percentage of royalties can one reasonably expect. One part of the lease dealing with royalities that I do not like is that a portion of the cost to transport...
  5. mgpatty

    Natural gas leasing?

    I've been approached by a company that is leasing natural gas rights. Anybody have any input on what to look out for in a lease? What is the going rate per acre in E. Ky for a lease and what what is a good percentage for royalities? Any input would be great!
  6. mgpatty

    need weekend getaway ideas

    I don't know if it's out of your traveling range, but Lewisburg, WV and the New River area is a very nice area. I also like Jonesborough, TN. Pine Mountain State Resort Park is a very scenic area.
  7. mgpatty

    Romney/Ryan Ticket

    I consider it more a class envy issue than class warfare. A lot of people cannot be satisfied with their lives, nor do they the desire to actually put forth the effort to change their lives. They'd rather be envious of their next door neighbor who has a bigger house or a nicer car. In the...
  8. mgpatty

    This is whats wrong with our country and state.

    Stand outside any save-a-lot or walmart in Eastern Kentucky on the first of the month and watch all the 24 and 12 packs of colas walking out the front door. Follow those cars and you'll see them reselling to other, smaller stores at 1/2 the price that WE paid for them a few minutes earlier. I...
  9. mgpatty

    Interesting. Ted thinks it may have been better if the South had won the Civil War.

    I kinda of agree with Uncle Ted in that state rights did begin to erode directly after the Civil War. There is a huge difference between 'these United States' and 'the United States'. After the Civil War we were no longer referred to as 'these United States'. We became a singular nation, 'The...
  10. mgpatty

    Ted Nugent WENT OFF on a male CBS news reporter during a sit-down interview

    Come on, it was CBS for cryin' out loud. They couldn't of possibily have had an agenda for their questions or have been leading him into a personal attack.
  11. mgpatty

    Cerakoting in Kentucky?

    Thanks for the info guys! I've found someone local to do the job.
  12. mgpatty

    Cerakoting in Kentucky?

    I have a Remington 700 that I would like to have cerakoted. I want to have the entire rifle finished in FDE. Does anybody know of a good cerakote finisher in Kentucky? I know of several excellent finishers out-of-state, but rather do it in state to save on the shipping costs.
  13. mgpatty

    Anybody got an update on the Morgan, Magoffin, Johnson Co. disaster relief?

    You may want to check a local Red Cross chapter. I and a bunch of people I work with volunteered in Lawrence County two weeks ago. IIRC, the person spearheading the effort contacted the Red Cross and they put them in contact with a local volunteer coordinating the work in Lawrence County.
  14. mgpatty

    Why has accuracy fallen out of favor

    Anybody know whereI can find a Hellfire trigger for my bolt gun?:)
  15. mgpatty

    As a landowner, what would you prefer?

    IMO, there is no difference. Run your dogs on my property, but don't be offended if I make myself at home on your property anytime I feel the urge. Just don't forget to bring home some fresh milk and a pack of bacon, applewood smoked please. :D
  16. mgpatty

    FEMA is ramping up camps scattered across the country to "provide facilities" for Ame

    Obama and Cheney, along with Halliburton and the Israelis, orchestrated 9/11. :)
  17. mgpatty


    You can't reason with a partisan democrat from Carter County. Forget about it.
  18. mgpatty

    Political Talk Show host are worth millions of dollars

    Not to sound argumentative, but do you not also 'want money'? The only people I know who work for free are millionaires (some are heavily involved with Church activities and charity organizations-they earn no money from their endeavors). Everybody I work with does so because they want money...
  19. mgpatty

    Political Talk Show host are worth millions of dollars

    Maybe from the second group you linked, but not the first. The folks trying to bash the rich and pushing class warfare is those who hope to keep the lower half of society as political slaves. I found it wildly amusing that many of the liberal talking heads, such as Russell Simmons (who's worth...
  20. mgpatty

    Political Talk Show host are worth millions of dollars

    Darn millionaires! Let's hang them everyone! In fact, everybody that makes anything more than minimum wage ought to be tarred and feathered! Why anybody needs to make more than a five figure income is beyond me. They're nothing but scum, I tell ya!

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