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  1. deadaim

    P. Beyer

    I just wanted everyone to know that longtime member Perry Beyer passed away early this morning from a long illness. Prayers for his family.
  2. deadaim

    Governor Beshear using his executive authority to legalize marijuana in Ky.

    Its just a waste of time and money trying to arrest and incarcerate people for it. Prohibition wont work as we have seen with alcohol. The war on drugs does not work. I think you could spend half the money we spend on the "War" on treatment and rehabilitation and have more bang for our buck and...
  3. deadaim

    Governor Beshear using his executive authority to legalize marijuana in Ky.

    If you do a search on here years ago you will probably see me vehemently against legalization. I was wrong. It needs to be legal and not taxed. Im not sure why State Republicans are so out of touch on this issue ? I'm also against any type of executive order. Put it on the ballot and let the...
  4. deadaim

    Penalty for trespassing should be…

    Got big Caravan of those getting ready to hit our border.
  5. deadaim

    Cumberland River Stripers and Rainbows

    Gunners out of Nicholasville.
  6. deadaim

    Cumberland River Stripers and Rainbows

    Johnny Rush knows that river better than anybody alive he got me on a 46.5 pound river monster . If he gets you on fish or not and chances are he will . I guarantee when you leave you will know how to catch one.
  7. deadaim

    Garrard County

    Garrard is a complicated county. Population and quality changes big time from one end of the county to the other. The State record non typical was killed here the " Brogle Buck" and some great deer are taken every year off the cattle farms around here. You may end up suprised .
  8. deadaim

    Cumberland River Burkeville

    Water is falling out in the afternoons between 2 and 4 during the week. I would get off the water right before then because the stripers quit biting anyway and it is easy to get stranded or loose a lower unit exspecialy if you dont know were the channel is at any given time. Show up early right...
  9. deadaim


    He passed also. Duster was on here way back in 94 or 96 when this thing was on dialup with some of the rest of us. The great crossbow war years.
  10. deadaim

    Ben "Duster" Goodman Obituary

    Despite he and I not able to agree on politics he was always respectful to me and he was really good to my family when he guided my daughter on a youth hunt many years ago. RIP Duster I will see you in the Happy Hunting grounds someday.
  11. deadaim


    I have a Mission Sub 1 XR It shoots around 400 fps and is pretty quiet and accurate I like it so far.
  12. deadaim

    Arrowhead hunters?

    Many pipes are made from sandstone. That one doesnt look native may be a colonial pipe.
  13. deadaim

    Arrowhead hunters?

    I doubt its paleo looks like maybe woodland copena or such. It looks like they tried to thin it and discarded it when they realized they couldnt work the rind. Just a flake off a spall they tried to use all of them .
  14. deadaim

    Knee replacements

    Id have to be dang near dying from the pain before I would do knees or a friend now 2 years into infection nightmare that almost killed him from hip implants and seen way 2 many folks in a bad way from infected knees......the least surgey or hospital time the better in my book.
  15. deadaim

    A quick word about this forum

    Should have been on here back in the early days ( Late 90S ) When the crossbow wars started.......some of those folks have passed away got right nasty in here . Wow I just realized Ive been on this forum at least 20 years thats crazy. I was on dial up when I first got on it took all...
  16. deadaim

    What is your criteria for

    I love just going downstairs to the mancave...….when work and life have me frazzled to my wits end.....or the family has "give me or do for me" to death and I just want to catch my mind and renew my brain the mancave is as close as I can get to my #1 getaway the woods. I enjoy looking around at...
  17. deadaim

    Arrowhead hunters?

    Super Lost Lake......its near impossible to fake of the reasons its so popular....that point if fresh would be almost black or very dark Sonora develops that hazy skin only over time....lots of time.
  18. deadaim

    Arrowhead hunters?

    Knobbed Hardin
  19. deadaim

    Arrowhead hunters?

    Some bone relics I collected over the years most from KY. Some are published.
  20. deadaim

    Up to 8.6 billion now

    Funny thing the country went 20 TRILLION in debt under Obama and all I heard was crickets chirping from the left wingers

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