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  1. Cornpile

    Getting closer

    He is a great looking buck. Want those antlers to really blow up,throw him a few bags of goat feed up till bout the middle of August.
  2. Cornpile

    Cutting Costs With Food Plots?

    We put out right at 100 lbs of red,white,yellow clover seeds in March,all over the open clear areas. Buddy told me awhile ago that a big Hackberry tree had got blown down out into the feild from the storm a couple of Fridays ago. He said the deer had stripped every green leaf all that tree. He...
  3. Cornpile

    Simple things that bring happiness…

    Drinking a good ice cold beer or two after mowing the yard The smell of fresh cut hay Laying in the bed listening to a good rain coming down Taking a great photo once in awhile Watching everyone at Christmas opening presents Getting a first bite of a big red home grown mater
  4. Cornpile

    Roe v Wade

    Underlined red
  5. Cornpile

    Bidens note cards

  6. Cornpile


    My brother and I had a pet coon when we were way younger. SOB would steal keys,lighters anything shiny and hide them. He once ate a whole carton of non filtered Camel cigarettes. He got in a small tree in the front yard and we tried to get him down. Let me say this if a coon is in a tree you...
  7. Cornpile

    Happy Father's Day

    My Dad was a old farmer and tough as a pine knot. Many times when we had done something stupid there was a sound of leather snapping thru 7 Wrangler belt loops. The most terrifying sound ever heard and we learned to do the right things.He made sure of that and I still love and miss him.....
  8. Cornpile

    Big buck in prospect

    You are the second person who said this in the last few days. My sister said she saw a huge buck out 421 north towards Henry county. Her husband is a big time deer hunter,so she knows a big buck when she sees one.
  9. Cornpile

    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Fathers Day ,,,,FJB
  10. Cornpile


    Couple of years ago during deer season,I got to see how smart crows are.I was setting in my box blind watching a single crow eating out of some corn that I had threw on the ground. Out of the woods here comes five big tom turkeys. They when to flapping their wings and running the old crow out...
  11. Cornpile

    Damaged 2022 F-150 Lighting

    That is beyond STUPID.
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  13. Cornpile

    So Why the 30-06?

    One of the finest looking rifles I ever bought new was a Remington model 742 Woods Master with basket weave checkering on the stock and forearm. It was a 30-06 and very accurate. I like 30-06 and it has a great following for a big game killer.
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    Yesterday evening at 9pm
  15. Cornpile

    Deer Rifle Poll

    I hunted most of my deer seasons with a 308 ,but I also used a 444 marlin several of those years. I really like those lever actions.
  16. Cornpile

    Deer Rifle Poll (prep)

    Thats what Old Joe says,FJB
  17. Cornpile

    Deer Rifle Poll (prep)

    Three of the guys I hunt with use 30-06 The fourth uses 270 The 5th a 243 and I use a 308
  18. Cornpile

    Momma's New Kitchen!

    Great looking update,you done good
  19. Cornpile

    Kitchen Table Build

    That will certainly do a farm house kitchen justice,very nice.

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