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    Trip North

    It sounds like you are talking about bunchberry dogwood. We harvested a few with bunchberry's.Do the leaves resemble a dogwood tree leaves?
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    Gadhafi Captured!

    Can you reference that please?
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    Packin' pistols

    The standard answer to that question is: "It wont fire without having one chambered!"
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    Pocket knives

    Dang Bray, same here! Papaw had a yellow handled case xx he carried. Last year at Court Days I went looking for one and found a great one.I could have ordered it online and new but wanted a used one that resembled his.It's actually my kind of knife, not stainless steel.I carry it daily.Makes me...
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    In need of some good thoughts and support

    Very good and informative post Deadaim. Sorry that happened to you. Rock, keep your chin up, rooting for you and your fsmily!
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    Occupy Wall Street?

    Occupy Wallstreet, Tea Party Protests, Peta protesting KFC,pot and pan beaters in the deer hunting woods,and all other protests........keep them legal and there should be no problem.The larger protests do tend to get more out of hand resulting in violence, disturbances, and arrests that do cost...
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    Trip North

    For years I hunted within 30 miles of the border but that area has since been overrun with hunters. Some research and scouting has garnered a totally new area not so near the border.We ran through my old haunt on the way to see a buddy I spent some time with overseas and found it to be pretty...
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    Trip North

    They were everywhere GSP.We hunted the evergreens, popples, and mixture.A couple of the windy days we concentrated on the evergreens.Basically our best hunting was in the popples mixed with small spruce though.We lucked into a couple of small popple patches way back that had no sign of man and...
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    Trip North

    I believe there has'nt been enough cooler temps to push them in there. Also, it was very dry I don't think they had any rain in that area for awhile. The fire hazard was high.
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    Trip North

    This season in the Norhtwoods. New area-Excellent Dog work-Excellent Grouse population-Excellent, probably more birds this year than I have ever seen. Woodcocks-Almost non existant, my partner saw one. Vegetation-Was still green and brushy in some areas but our hunting was unaffected by...
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    What's up with the musky guides on Cave Run????

    There has been some type of controversy ongoing about muskie, muskie guides, catch and release,and all other fishermen ever since I can remember on Cave Run.The stories I have heard through the years would make your ears bleed.Go out and fish legally, be nice to your fellow fishermen, and don't...
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    Thoughts on Chris Christie and other ramblings. . .

    Politics and religion, if your question gets rolling this could get epic West! Ok, till it's shut down.:D Leaving shortly but can't wait to get back and read about it.Would have made a great thread West!:D
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    EPA asking for $21 billion dollars to hire 230,000 new workers to handle paper work.

    I lost a ton of respect for the EPA when I reported a flagrant violation and the violators ended up making a mint on the whole ordeal.It's too simple, make common sense regs to keep clean air and water and don't leave any loopholes.
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    Ford hits a Grand Slam with new commercial

    The House Committee on Oversight and Govt. Reform asked Ford and the POTUS, they both say no.Daniel Howe says yes,dang....he must be right!:rolleyes:
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    Ford hits a Grand Slam with new commercial

    " The Republican chairman of a congressional oversight panel has asked Ford Motor Co to explain why it pulled a TV commercial critical of the Obama administration's auto bailout. In a letter sent on Thursday, Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform...
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    Hardest part of hunting?

    The hardest part for me physically is after the hunt.After walking all day then the drive home I get stiff and very hard to even get out of the truck and walk(bad knees). Then very hard the next morning to walk but after 15 minutes of walking am ok. Mentally the hardest part, especially up...
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    Could this happen in your community?

    Any assault on anyone for any reason is illegal and wrong.The fact that this one was'nt carried by the main stream media is really no big deal.There were 778,901 aggravated assaults in the U.S. last year,14,748 murders, not all of them could be carried by the national media.One...
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    Trip North

    Leaving Sunday morning, it can't get here quick enough. Good luck!
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    Hypothetical Mountain lion Question

    Dang Buck, calm down.I was'nt l;athered up at all but it appears you are at the point of frothing.I'm guessing you did'nt notice the smiley?.I'm also guessing you got lathered without fully reading my post before your rant?Where in my post did it say I was in Alaska? Where in my post did it say...
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    Leases for war prices

    I must live in an area that does'nt lease too aweful much. I have never heard of it around here nor do I know any sportsmen that lease.As far as public hunting we have a ton of it around here in the form of the DBNF.There are places you can go and never see a vic or person during deer season...

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