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    Michigan Grouse

    Anyone on here done or do any grouse hunting in Michigans upper pennisula? Have a family trip planned to Mackinaw Island in a couple weeks and was going to try and squeeze in a grouse hunt but have never been up there looking for some direction. Thanks
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    Whitetail Mash deer feed

    Curios if anyone else tried this new feed this year and how it worked for you. Ive got 10 acres of corn and 5 acres of triple card stud as food plots so I normally dont run any feeders or supplement feed but had a buddy keep on bragging on this stuff. End of January I got a bag and half...
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    in but windy
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    Anybody else have a deer donkey!

    just curious about people’s funny hunting rituals, happenings etc. The people across the road from us have an old burro/donkey, one afternoon several years ago I was down in a hollar right across from them and the donkey started braying and 2 minutes later a 150” 11 point comes off his ridge and...
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    41st gun season opening day

    41 consecutive opening day for me! Come a long way from green gum boots, slugs and a single shot true test 12 lol
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    Colt suspending AR15 production

    i just saw on the nightly news that colt is halting production/sales of AR15 to civilian market! Colt claims it’s due to market swings and slow sales due to competition. Colt claims “ there are plenty of ARs on the market” I’m not a die hard black gun guy myself I have s couple ARs one a really...
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    Looking for advice DIY trip

    I am looking for some advice. Wanting to take my 15yo to South Dakota in Oct for a DIY mule deer bow hunt. We are going to the Belle Fourche area and plan on hunting walk in and BLM land. With the regulations on not bringing any spinal column or brain back into the state what are guys doing to...
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    Cow hunt

    I am new to the web site so bear with me. I went with my father today on his cow hunt at Czar coal, I would like to say thank you to a couple of people. Thanks Jason Plaxico and Joe Lacefield for all of the help as well as officer Marsh, you guys were a great help and we appreciate it. My dad...