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  1. sdorton

    Toelke Bows

    He said it will be done in April and he'd let know 2 weeks before he's ready to ship. Tradfest....I'm wanting to but have to work that Thursday and youth Turkey season opens that Saturday.
  2. sdorton

    Toelke Bows

    60" Whistler
  3. sdorton

    Toelke Bows

    Oh man that means mine is close....I placed an order just about a week after you did.
  4. sdorton

    Tagged Out

    Well I finally got an opportunity to take a doe late yesterday evening. I love hunting the snow too. Anyways I’ve learned a lot this season, made some awesome memories, and can’t wait til next season.
  5. sdorton

    Toelke Bows

    i just ordered a Whistler. Can't wait for it to get here.
  6. sdorton

    3 in 4 days

    Yes Sir. Congrats Brother.
  7. sdorton

    Tradbow shooting and hunting pics.

    Just got back from a great hunt in NC. Killed a doe and 8pt bucks with the Recurve.
  8. sdorton

    Blessed! Grateful!

    What a Giant!!!
  9. sdorton

    Awesome weekend!!

    Yes Sir...
  10. sdorton

    First Trad. Bow Kill

    Find somebody close that's got one and give it a try. That's what I did. My Buddy, Matt that's pictured with me, is the one that got me going. I shot his Black Widow and fell in love. Then did a little looking around and shot some different ones and got lucky and found Zipper Bows. Tom...
  11. sdorton

    First Trad. Bow Kill

    Finally after failing to harvest a deer with my recurve the last 2 seasons it finally all came together on the evening of opening day. I had 3 hit listers but also had 2 maybe 3 bucks I’d shoot with my recurve if given the opportunity. This buck was not a hit lister but I’m pretty proud of him...
  12. sdorton

    9/8 recurve buck

    Awesome job!!
  13. sdorton

    2021-2022 Deer Photo Thread

    16yd shot with my Recurve sitting in a Tree Saddle on an evening hunt opening day.
  14. sdorton

    Diaphragm calls

    Look up "Gobbler Snipper" on Facebook. He makes some nice diaphragm turkey calls and they are priced right too. He is located in Lily KY too and his name is Tommy Sears.
  15. sdorton

    ISO Retay

    Outfitters RX in Monticello AR. Talk with Mike Owens
  16. sdorton

    ISO Retay

    I found one in Arkansas and got it shipped. Funny thing is when I picked it up yesterday Gilbert's in Frankfort got 2 in also. LOL. So if anyone is interested in them look Gilberts up. Great shop to deal with.
  17. sdorton

    ISO Retay

    ISO Retay Masa Mara, 20gauge, 22" barrel, and bottomland in color. I've been looking for a month now with no luck. Shops cant even order them......
  18. sdorton

    Pouring rain victory

    Heck Yeah!!! WTG Kenley!
  19. sdorton

    My Little Bit

    Yes Sir!!!! WTG Karley!
  20. sdorton

    Looking for saddle platform

    only to sell I believe.....I think you can see the classified ad just cant post on it. Maybe I'm wrong. I've been a paying member for a few yrs now and cant remember. It's well worth the $15 to be a member. Some great deals on there....