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    Bucks move in the rain

    I hunt every rainy day. period. Ive killed just as many good deer in the rain / foul weather as I have on an "ideal" day. Even killed one during a lightning storm. During the post rut.
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    Headed to grayson

    haven't seen any chasing yet. Hunting west of Leitchfield. Havent seen a shooter in person in a while. Getting time to be in the woods... should be heating up next couple days, it always does. Seems like nov 4-14 is the sweetspot here every year
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    2018 hunting season date change

    I started a thread like this once, still regret it. But the humor makes the threads... I would love to sit over the shoulder of a CO or Lawmaker and read the crap on here we spread constantly. They prolly laugh like its a real comedy club at the stuff we hear.....
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    spotted shooter still searching...

    lol You too buddy!
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    spotted shooter still searching...

    For me, pretty good.... for a sidekick.... not so much,,, lol
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    Colorado Public Land?

    On the same stage as the original poster, in planning stages now for my and a friend. How much money and time am I looking at here? I think it is worth getting some form of assistance for guide. im a good hunter, but this is a whole new animal and territory and weather.
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    spotted shooter still searching...

    feel free. but we will be at work. underground. and about 30 miles from my treestand. by all means tho..... lol
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    spotted shooter still searching...

    Im out of tags this year so I took the rifle and set up on my favorite coyote hole. Seen a 3.5yr-4.5yr shooter strolling thru at daylight. head down, 1/4 speed with nose on the ground. seen him for 300 yards and never broke stride. just like it was November 7 all over again. Don't usually...
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    rumor of Edmonson county 8ptr??

    From what I was told, the deer was killed, photo'd in the field, and tagged and loaded. Hauled to taxidermy and no one knew any different. over an hour passed from time of shot to taxidermy. While at the taxidermy they went back to unload and it was sitting up in the pictures above.... then...
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    Brandon Harrel

    Brandon Harrel
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    rumor of Edmonson county 8ptr??

    Heard rumor of a 180"ish 8 pt killed in Edmonson county by a female. also heard deer was not dead and was seen sittin up in the truck after it was tagged. Any other liars, I mean hunters want to input? LOL ive heard this story twice? seen one pic, can anyone verify any truth? Don't know...
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    How young is to young

    if he (or she) is capable of responsibly holding and shooting their weapon accurately and safely, id say game on! that alone will give all the information you need to know. I seen one state, Michigan I think it was, lifted minimum age requirements and allow any able hunter. They sold 12 tags...
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    Double throat patch?

    tonight i seen the prettiest doe ive ever spotted. She has a snow white traditional patch. Even much more dominant and bold than any other deer. And underneath that about 3" under was another patch of average size and color. Very cool and not something ive seen befor. I considered shooting...
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    Opening season "eve" traditions

    when i was a kid we would all gather for the local deer jackpot. They had a potluck and huge turnout. My dad won it the last year they had it in the late ninetys. We usually just go to the local wal-mart and watch everyone (already dressed in camo) buying ever single article of clothes, scent...
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    Different type of question about deer hunting

    Mothballs and a slingshot. Diesel fuel works well. Human hair or urine. But that will likely mess up everyones hunts. including yours if you hunt this property. I assume you do. Had a neighbor with similar issue. A well placed 4x8 piece of plywood on nearby tree off the ground as a...
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    Is this Kevin Fulkerson?

    Is this Kevin Fulkerson?
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    Ohio county deer

    The ohio county heard is plentiful Hunted it several times. Seen nice deer, along with some trophys. Seems like good balance of local crops and woods to create a good deer herd. Genetics are there and so is the healthy doe population. But the worst thing about Ohio county Deer are the...
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    Maine hunter shoots woman on her property

    truly a shame. What are you expecting if you are shooting at a "sound" or odd movement? Id spend 3 boxes of shells blasting at every acorn and squirrel bounce each sit. Im not sure what outcome you would expect? idiot.
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    Lets see those deer slayers.

    300 magnum in a Remington Sendero 6.5-20X50mm VX3 Leupold with 180 grain soft points for when they don't come in close enough with my .300 blackout Smith and Wesson AR-15 with a 4-12X42mm VX3 Leupold . Also gonna take a Kel-tec Sub 2000 in .40 cal if I woods hunt any. Its a sweet little...
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    Roll call 11/7

    I tap. I pulled out of the drive and went left towards the jobsite. And not right toward the deerstand. Been here an hour and had a six pointer cruise thru lookin for a doe in the subdivision im building a spec lake house on. Im packin tools up now. Thehellwithit. Lol

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