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  1. reivertom

    Buttigieg Launches $1 Billion ‘Anti-Racist Roads’ Project

    These people are truly deranged.
  2. reivertom

    The con of solar power for your home

    This tech makes sense for an off-grid camp, or RV use, but large scale private daily use is sketchy. Most of these "green" companies wouldn't exist without Government subsidies. If it was a true tech revolution like smart phones, it would stand on its own.
  3. reivertom

    The con of solar power for your home

    What they never say is they have a expiration date. They never mention that. They don't last forever as they infer. They claim at least 25 years, but they won't back the claim. It's like the range claimed by EV companies. Try to get one replaced free in 15 years.
  4. reivertom

    Nancy's Rant Over Supreme Court

    When she's angry, I'm happy. It means somebody did the right thing.
  5. reivertom

    The con of solar power for your home

    Same thing they say about failed Communist countries.
  6. reivertom

    WV vs EPA

    This will have future impacts on ATF rulings. They have been doing exactly the same things as the EPA, only with gun laws.
  7. reivertom

    We lost a hero today.....

    He was from WV not far from me. The last WW2 Medal of Honor winner. This is what a hero looks like, not some over-paid idiot that chases a ball around or play acts in a movie.
  8. reivertom

    8 million to be be distributed

    Many of the people who's kids aren't learning, could not care less if they ever do. I've seen it myself, and so have the several teachers in my family. How will the 8 million make them care?
  9. reivertom

    France, Germany to Reactivate their Coal Plants

    I wonder if those little German twerps that laughed at Trump are still laughing?
  10. reivertom

    “Random” Spree of Food Processing Plants Burning Down Is Part of the Food Shortage and Depopulation Plan

    The mainstream news and Joe tell me everything is "A, OKay", so that's what I'm going with....everything else is a vast Right Wing conspiracy. They never have lied before, have they??
  11. reivertom

    Cornell library removes Gettysburg Address, Lincoln bust

    So the stuff ole Abe came up with is null and void, also??? Hummmm...
  12. reivertom

    gun bill going through congress

    It looks like we get on step forward and then they slam us back a step.
  13. reivertom

    Nancy's Rant Over Supreme Court

    Does my heart good to see that witch angry.
  14. reivertom

    A lot of screwed-up people amongst us.

    Police Departments are made up of people, and in any group, there can be crooks, bullies, and thugs in sheep's clothing. I think a cop that violates his/her oath, should face much harsher punishments than a regular citizen if convicted. I was in that business once, and most of my former...
  15. reivertom

    E.U. leaders make Ukraine a candidate for membership

    I wonder how many Ukrainian art collectors will be buying Hunter's masterpieces in the next few years?
  16. reivertom

    Roe v Wade

    In states that eventually outlaw it, people like me will have a say instead of the federal government forcing it on us, and making us fund it.
  17. reivertom

    This was yesterday

    Can we get through another 2 years of this green utopia? This is NOT an accident......all of this is on purpose.
  18. reivertom

    Tire Prices!

    I just found my old receipt and it was 10 years and 44,000 miles, No wonder they were dry rotting and cracked!
  19. reivertom

    Identify this snake skin

    Timber Rattler. I have one in the basement I skinned myself in the 80s.
  20. reivertom

    E.U. leaders make Ukraine a candidate for membership

    The military industrial complex has turned into the monster that President Eisenhower warned us it would become. This whole Ukraine mess is being used as a money laundering and money making machine.

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