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    2 Turkeys in one shot??

    He went and purchased a "stamp" afterwards. He already had the tag. I see your point though. My guess is he bought the sportsmen with all the tags (deer and turkey), went turkey hunting on his own ground (so he didn't legally need the tag) and didn't buy the stamp until afterwards. I don't...
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    School Outdoor Club

    My brother in law is the head of his outdoor club a the school he teaches at. The kids love it. They do the wild game dinner like you're talking about. It sounds like you guys have thought about a lot of things to incorporate. I'd say go for it. I'm sure you have the approval of the...
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    2 Turkeys in one shot??

    He probably had the permit so he could hunt other areas during the season but this particular hunt he was on his own private ground where he didn't need it.
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    Union County c/o contact?

    thanks guys I got it taken care of. Man they're on top of things in Frankfort (or wherever the office is). I emailed them my question yesterday and they answered it and have a new orange card in the mail today. I received a personalized email anser from a woman up there and within 3 emails we...
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    Anyone know? March 20-28th

    the south zone in texas runs March 20-May 2. I've been checking harvest numbers for Fla. WMA's and they are at best 1 bird per 12 days of hunting. Doesn't sound good to me. The numbers must be way down. They pretty well say if your gonna have a good chance, you need to book a hunt or get...
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    What's your favorite chainsaw

    I use a Husky 359 with a 20 in bar. Like said you can't go wrong with either a Husky or Stihl. What made my mind up was the $100+ difference between my 359 and a comparable Stihl saw. Stihl's prices are not competitive enough for me to choose them over Husky. JMO
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    Anybody been to Florida ?

    I'm contemplating going March 20-28th. IF i end up going I can give you some info on what I came across while down there. The way I read their licenses are cheap. $100 for a turkey tag and $46.50 for a 10 day out of state license. Not too bad when you add that with a tent and a vehicle that...
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    Scary start good Ending

    i'm sure that was a little un-nerving. a buddy of mine shot one 7 yards the other day as it was headed towards his hunting buddy that was calling. The caller didn't know the yote was there until my buddy shot.:eek: He jokingly told my buddy he saved his life:D
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    Anyone know? March 20-28th

    Are you serious or joking?:D I have no idea myself but a buddy of mine back in college used to go to Alabama every year and said there were tons of birds. Personally since I'm going to travel anyways, I'm goin to hunt either osceolas in Fla or Rios in Okl or Texas since I get easterns here...
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    Union County c/o contact?

    Does anyone have the contact information for Greg Noel the Union Co. c/o? I took the hunter safety course on line back in 2005 so that I could legally hunt in South Dakota that Spring. He issued me a temporary hunter safety card but I never received a regular card. Now that my temporary is...
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    I know they're shedding but could they already be re-growing???

    x2 they start growing when they lose them. I guess if that buck lost em a while ago its possible he's that far along. Hard to imagine tho. As for bucks with no testicles-we killed a buck back in a high school that only had one. His rack wasn't much.
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    Anyone know? March 20-28th

    Does anyone know where I can hunt turkeys on these dates? I have that week off and I'm wanting to get an early start on the season.
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    sorry so long You need to get out pre season and do some scouting. Get to the propert before day light about a month before season and listen for birds gobbling. When you have some afternoons off, go to where you heard those birds gobbling in the morning and look around the area till dark...
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    How long to wait? Yote?

    How long do you wait in between hunts on a farm to keep pressure down? Whether you've killed or not. Assume you had no luck. When do you go back to try again?
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    What time is best?

    I don't mean to flood this forum with tons of MY threads but I just have so many questions about coyote hunting. What is the best time of DAY (not night) to hunt. Early morning or evening or some other time of day? Both times I've tried were in the evening and have had no luck. Makes me...
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    How far or how deep

    i deer hunted about 125 yards from the road and where my truck was parked and had a coyote come by my truck into bow range when I shot her. Fast forward now to after deer season. Would that same set up work coyote hunting or would any potential coyotes shy away due to the truck?
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    How Far? Yote?

    you hunt out of your deer stands right? by coyote vocals do you mean barks and yaps etc without howling? How long do you work your distress calls? 1 min? I used a tape recorder of rabbit distress the other day and wasn't sure how long to let it play.
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    How Far? Yote?

    I've been yote hunting 2x in my life and really don't know what I'm doing. How far apart do you set up? I was just reading the thread asking why they don't come in and some said it's b/c they don't hear the call which raised the question of how far should I go before I set up again. Also, how...
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    Need advice

    I have tried smaller shot and lighter loads. Switched from 4's to 2 oz 6's still not quite what I'm looking for performance wise. I tried switching to a smaller tru glow site for my front bead thinking that may help but it is still lacking. Question: How would it change my pattern if I...
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    Need advice

    There are always tons of questions about which choke tube to use with a certain gun. I want to try different chokes through my gun without having to pay hundreds of dollars for all of them just to shoot them once or twice. Does anyone have a suggestion to do this? Are there any places...

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