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    Cell Phone Photos

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    Tiktok warning
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    Wrong forum

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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Onions, garlic cloves, pepercorns, red cayenne pepper, garlic powder, salt And peanuts
  5. HuntressOfLight

    It's Gardening Time Once Again !

    Brown-eyed Susansjust started blooming within the blackberry jungle. One easily twisted off from elsewhere and was sweet through and through, won't be long before a few are ready.
  6. HuntressOfLight

    Cell Phone Photos

  7. HuntressOfLight

    Lack of bees?

    Maybe this critter ? For this one:
  8. HuntressOfLight

    Roe v Wade

    I pay very little attention to your Pope Francis; regardless, I am under the impression that your church remains firm regarding life beginning at the time of conception, thereby staunchly against abortion.
  9. HuntressOfLight

    Active shooter in Allen Ky (Floyd Co)

    Very sorry. Will keep him and your family within my prayers.
  10. HuntressOfLight

    Active shooter in Allen Ky (Floyd Co)

    Dog got him, looks to me.
  11. HuntressOfLight

    WV vs EPA

    Looks like an alien to me but just another flammer.
  12. HuntressOfLight

    Lack of bees?

    Cuckoo bee looks like what I saw, and this interesting article contains photos of non-bee look-a-likes, one somewhat resembling the shape and some of the pieces parts of my white-faced, black critter up there. Those are big critters. Bee-fly
  13. HuntressOfLight

    My Lovely Bluebirds

    No, been keeping a very close eye upon all dogs and been using snacks with Brewster (don't usually use them). The bluebird parents typically take their fledglings away from the nest area (usually across the street) and then eventually return with those having survived. Landscapers arrive...
  14. HuntressOfLight

    Lack of bees?

    I do not like the word hornet and have valid reason. Many types of bees...
  15. HuntressOfLight

    What if!

    That is simply because I am too intelligent to permit any of you near me, BoBo.
  16. HuntressOfLight

    Trump is done.

    We cannot survive yet another president whom senselessly spends. Instead, we need to elect someone interested in drastically reducing the size of the federal government.
  17. HuntressOfLight

    Roe v Wade

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