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  1. Carl

    This woman seems like a good one

  2. Carl

    Roe v Wade

    This could possibly be the POM.
  3. Carl

    The SOS is getting old. How about a picture thread?

    I always liked cows, even like the smell of a cow pasture. I guess it's because my Granddad used to let me ride his cow when I was 4 years old. I can sit under a big old tree and watch them for hours.
  4. Carl

    What if!

    My Granddaughter says when she turns 18 in 4 months she is out of here and on her own. She is going to be surprised when reality hits her. I have raised her since she was 2 weeks old and did the best I could. I have done without for and her 2 sisters 5 and 7 when I got them. Before I took...
  5. Carl

    What if!

    I would have been a government hit man, now retired and doing a little work on the side.
  6. Carl

    51 illegals dead....

    You might gey Kung Fu instead.
  7. Carl

    Paranoid in Shepherdsville

    Sounds like he might have had a dispute with his neighbors that came before all of this. And this is his way of giving them the finger.
  8. Carl

    Trump is done.

  9. Carl

    51 illegals dead....

    They went to the Big Taco in the sky.
  10. Carl

    This could explain why there are Democrats

    Why there are Democrats and Republicans BY STEPHANIE VOZZA 5 MINUTE READ This article is nothing about politics but it could explain some things. If you’ve ever tried to change someone’s mind but found they were completely unwilling to budge in their thinking, it can help to understand how the...
  11. Carl

    Roe v Wade

    Anyone that thinks this is not murder is a heartless, soleless sumbitch.
  12. Carl

    Nancy Pelosi Shoves Daughter Of Mayra Flores

    I would like to bitch slap that old witch and knock her false teeth out. I really would.
  13. Carl

    Electric tractors

    I'd like to see one pull a chisel plow.
  14. Carl

    A lot of screwed-up people amongst us.
  15. Carl

    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    I've been kinda wondering about that,
  16. Carl

    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    My Silverado 5.3 went from 18 to 9 mpg.
  17. Carl

    A lot of screwed-up people amongst us.

    This guy just looks like a dumbass.
  18. Carl

    A lot of screwed-up people amongst us.