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    Cool Gobbler's pic

    One of my favorite Turkey pics I've ever captured .I thought it looked like a painting
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    Rate your season

    Just interested in your opinion of this year ( so far ). I only had one day where chasing was really great , we had 5 hunters on over 500 acres and only saw 2 or 3 bucks 3.5 or older with a doe in rifle season. Saw tons of deer and lots of bucks but very little true rutting activity. Just...
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    The " headache" buck and his bud

    That has gotta hurt, and im liking his new friend !
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    Fractured skull/pedicel ?

    What do you think? Seems it would be recent for the antler to be so typical
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    Trump talking like a lefty( bump stocks)

    He could have at least used a different way of doing it , like not talking like Shumer. Highly disappointed in his recent 2A language
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    The downside of the rut

    He went from shooter 8 to not sure what i would do in a few hours.
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    Return of " Beamer "

    Pretty cool to see how much his body has changed. He isn't gonna be a monster but I like his uniqueness , he gets the shaft if I get an opportunity. 3rd pic is last year
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    Per summation of the Super Bowl

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    Amazing otter

    Wasn't trapped, taken out of a pond but I thought yall would like it.
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    couple of new guys

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    Snipe Creek vandalized

    Pretty sad even if it's them
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    Nice mature 8

    Been wearing out scrapes for a week. He is a big bodied man !
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    Have your seen Winke's latest kill?

    Hard to imagine seeing that thing in front of my stand. He is one big the few " professional" hunters I really enjoy following .
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    Scent control tests

    I found this interesting as all the field sprays failed miserably. I don't have nor have ever used an Ozonics or similar device so I'm not pushing them or anything. Pretty interesting , the other tests are included at the end in links...
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    Buck called Beamer

    This guy has crazy long and funky main beams. I'm guessing he is 3.5 and I'm hoping he makes it another year as I think he could be super cool looking
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    Alien poachers

    Beam them up Scotty ? Maybe explains why I can't kill a Booner