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  1. High Rack

    Biden's 4th Of July Cost.....

    Those numbers have to be fake, the CPI is only @ 8%, yet those numbers are in double digits........."Something is wrong here, something is very, very wrong".
  2. High Rack

    Roe v Wade

    10 years ago, I had your belief until my grandson was born at 24 weeks, which in turn he was flown to the Losserville children's hospital. He was less than 2 lbs and you could hold him in your hand. What struck me was what I saw when we got there, it was a sad realization when you seen all the...
  3. High Rack

    Roe v Wade

    If these wimins do not like SCOTUS's decision, then they should not be playing with the organ. Problem solved
  4. High Rack

    WV vs EPA

    This effects more than the EPA, now al these alphabet putz's will have to tow the line unless congress writes them a new law giving a certain power back.
  5. High Rack

    Is Obama "green"?

    When you are stump breaking , I guess it's in the eyes of the beholder.
  6. High Rack

    WV vs EPA

    It's a great win for sure and a great 2 weeks for SCOTUS, but the immigration decision concerns me, we will see what the lower court does with it now.
  7. High Rack

    Roe v Wade

    Had to pick up some medication for the Pharma today, right beside the register in the pharmacy was a big box of the morning after pill's. I don't see a problem.
  8. High Rack

    Trump is done.

    Thats all I saw in clearwater, but I told some locals that we needed to borrow their Governor for 8 years and they agreed.
  9. High Rack

    France, Germany to Reactivate their Coal Plants

    Nope, they are cold, hungry and broke.
  10. High Rack

    Roe v Wade

    No Sir, this was a 10th Amendment decision and nothing more. You libtards get you panties bunched every time you do not get your way, then when one reasons with you kind you change the game and start with a different excuse every time. A right to privacy has nothing to do with abortion, that was...
  11. High Rack

    France, Germany to Reactivate their Coal Plants

    When you are responsible for hurting yourself, you soon find out that it probably was not the best thing and you should stop.
  12. High Rack

    NY SCOTUS says no to illegal's voting

    Man, the Constitution is having a good time.......Piss on these Tards.
  13. High Rack

    Nancy Pelosi Shoves Daughter Of Mayra Flores

    The old hag just showed her true colors towards kids and Latinos.
  14. High Rack

    Roe v Wade

    You really are full of shit.
  15. High Rack

    Roe v Wade

    Pretty sure that number just got blown out of the water.....Continue on.
  16. High Rack

    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    Did you get a hold of some Joe E 85?
  17. High Rack

    gun bill going through congress

    It will be up to the states to define the red flag laws. This bill will change very little, we all know there will be another shooting in the future, then what will they say? This was nothing but a feel good attempt without addressing the family problem, and very little on the mental issue that...
  18. High Rack

    Roe v Wade

    Good point, see, back in the 30's all the way into the 80's people had this thing called personal responsibility, you screw up, you deal with the outcome, you get Sally pregnate, you take care of that kid. I get some people don't need to be livin, we see it everyday from biden on down, and yea...
  19. High Rack

    Nancy's Rant Over Supreme Court

    I thought the bitch was gonna lose her teef.
  20. High Rack

    Roe v Wade

    It has been a great week for this country and the Constitution as written and those appointed to oversee it. We have inched our way out of the hole we have been in for 18 months, and there still more to come from SCOTUS in the next week. I hear the quote of the day about the justices lying...