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    Where is all the geese

    The geese are here in droves! Get busy!
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    21/22 Super Thread

    Open water is your friend! Birds are here in central ky!
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    Where is all the geese

    We’ve had some migrators move into the area. Killed a couple bands from Canada. Looks like everything will be locked up by this weekend. Except for big water.
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    21/22 Super Thread

    Big push in northern ky! That is all. Carry on.
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    I may regret passing on him

    I’ve passed many deer in the 140’s. I’m fortunate and have some good places to hunt. Like you I have also killed several in the 160’s. I would not regret passing that deer. Hopefully it pays off with something bigger!
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    Rut status in Henderson County???

    I’m not from Henderson. But based on what I’m seeing now with this cold front and from past years experience. You will be on the tail end of the rut in a few weeks.
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    No duck/goose shells!!??

    ^^^^^^ What he said!!! I didn’t think it could get any worse than the last couple of years. Just talked to our guide in Canada. He said conditions in the Saskatchewan area are some of the worst he has ever seen! Our trip has been canceled again!
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    SD Black Hills, N.E. WY., Washington Co. KY, Bullitt Co. KY

    Killed a bird in black hills ten or so years ago. You can walk outside at midnight and hit a locator call and they will gobble! By far the most vocal bird of any! Congrats!
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    World slam complete

    Awesome man! Congrats! I’ve completed the grand slam but been hesitant about crossing the border for my world! May have to rethink it after seeing your post!
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    20-21 season thread

    Lots of red heads and cans around! Figures... day late and a dollar short! Have been seeing big groups at Canada’s coming out of the north!
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    .410 Turkey Hunting

    Drake, You will be glad you did! If it patterns as good as my 1977 Ithaca you will be more than pleased. It was also such a sentimental hunt for me last year. Brought back tons of memories from my childhood! Best of luck!
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    Frozen toes on the Yutes?

    Yeah looks like the really cold temps have been moved back for later next week. I have been seeing lots of geese the last couple of days. Lots of Canada’s with some specks and a few snows mixed in!
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    Anyone know anything about this?

    Just read this on another post! If this is the Legit reason behind the shootings what in the world is going on! Taking someone’s life over a couple of ducks! I know it’s been a bad season but geez!!!
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    Stay humble and eat a piece of pie

    All I can say is wow! How tragic!
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    Stay humble and eat a piece of pie

    The fact of the matter is... when there is no snow cover in the upper Midwest and Great Lakes year after year. And our weather remains wet and warm. We just don’t get the birds. I don’t stress anymore. I just go to Canada!
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    A few January pic’s

    Great pictures! Actually had some of our best hunts thanksgiving weekend. Wood ducks and teal.
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    20-21 season thread

    Snow coming down pretty good here! Headed out the door! Good luck and stay safe!
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    .410 Turkey Hunting

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ What he said! I wanted to try my 1977 Ithaca single shot. My first gun. Factory full barrel. Couldn’t believe how well the tss #9’s patterned at 30 yards! Killed one at 32 yards stone cold. And it’s like packing around a BB gun! With no recoil at all! Also made the walk back to the...
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    20-21 season thread

    ^^^^^^^ Should say end of week! Lol
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    20-21 season thread

    Won’t have to worry about that ice much longer! Extended forecast showing upper 40’s to mid 50’s through the end of the month! Time to put up the decoys and bring out the fishing poles!