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  1. davers

    Biden's 4th Of July Cost.....

    Quite a difference in cost since 2021!!
  2. davers

    July Elk Hunting In Nebraska
  3. davers

    Cutting Costs With Food Plots?

    All I know is that if we don't receive rain soon, all the food plots will turn brown or browner.
  4. davers

    Micro Killer Drones

  5. davers

    Issue With My John Deere Riding Mower

    This morning, I removed the engine housing to get a look at the Bendix. The Bendix on my riding mower is made of metal and it had considerable rust on it but looks new otherwise. I sprayed it with WD-40 and replaced the engine housing, then started it up. It runs fine now but I guess I need...
  6. davers

    gun bill going through congress

    I can see a lot of abuse coming with these Red Flag laws.
  7. davers

    gun bill going through congress

    Looks like the radical left won!!:mad: I am wondering how many Criminals will abide by the new UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun laws, that will affect law abiding gun owners. Maybe it will be challenged in the Supreme Court, we can only hope. Those Senators (Both Parties) just violated their...
  8. davers

    What happened to my dog

    If all else fails to remove the odor try Tomato Sauce.
  9. davers

    Nancy's Rant Over Supreme Court

    Watch Nancy's ear ring fall off during her Rant:
  10. davers

    Thugs Beware

    Since the constitution doesn't matter to them, I think they should consider moving to Red China or North Korea. THEY ARE ALL TRAITORS!!
  11. davers

    Issue With My John Deere Riding Mower

    Yesterday morning (Wednesday) I tried to start my John Deere mower, and "Out-of-the-blue" it started!! So, I agree this issue has something to do with a "Worn" Bendix; as if were a complete starter issue the mower wouldn't start at all. If this happens again I will remove the housing and check...
  12. davers


    The other day I priced a box of .25-20 Win. 86 grain SP ammo, on Remington's website. Over $100 + per box. Core-Lokt 25-20 Win 28364 $124.99 Currently Unavailable Grain Weight: 86 Muzzle Velocity: 1460 Bullet Style: Core-Lokt Pointed Soft Point Ballistic Coefficient: .190 Package Quantity...
  13. davers

    Where's the ammo and primers Part 2

    Seems like the very same thing was going on, when Obama was in office. Various "Alphabet" groups, buying up ammunition, in order to keep it out of reach of legal gun owners.
  14. davers

    gun bill going through congress

    If Mitch McConnell supports this awful gun control, He WILL NOT receive my vote. I will vote for the Republican, running against him, in the next midterm when his term is up.
  15. davers

    Henry 45-70

    With all the new proposed gun control laws, currently on the docket, prices for all firearms will skyrocket and so will ammo!!
  16. davers

    .270 Ammo

    I have a friend who and his wife live in S.E. Colorado. He uses his .270 for Elk, and has bagged a few using 150 grain bullets and with 140 grain handloads.
  17. davers

    .270 Ammo

    The farthest I've shot Deer with my .270 was back in 2003 Rifle Season @ 200 yards. Took two shots to bag the buck, using 130 grain bullets.
  18. davers

    Issue With My John Deere Riding Mower

    Might be the starter, however I once again ran the wiring and found nothing bare or bad wiring, even checked the sparkplugs and cleaned them.
  19. davers

    Issue With My John Deere Riding Mower

    No, the engine doesn't turn over when I try to start it. Just makes that rattling sound, no backfires either. Might be the starter though. Never had any problems with this mower until Saturday.
  20. davers

    Issue With My John Deere Riding Mower

    I have a three year old John Deere riding mower (E170), which all of a sudden developed a starting problem. I was mowing my lawn, with it this past Saturday, and it performed well until I stopped mowing and turned off the engine. When I returned to finish my mowing I turned the key and it only...