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  1. Mob169"

    Short video of opening day buck.

    Great job! Hammered him. Glad to see it was a buck you’ve been after.
  2. Mob169"

    Big Bow Kills

    The boom of hunters are starting to age. With age comes experience. Experienced older hunters do not pound the woods every chance they get. They understand the best times of the season to hunt and capitalize on those times. Also I believe more hunters are understanding that 3yo bucks should be...
  3. Mob169"

    Feeders and Minerals

    low spot that stay moist are great areas.
  4. Mob169"

    Best hunting show ever.

    They hunted Peabody
  5. Mob169"

    My first velvet buck

    beautiful buck. Are you having the velvet freeze dried?
  6. Mob169"

    Which vanes do yall shoot

    Most all vanes work equally if your form and bow are dialed in. I like 4” helical feathers And I can shoot anything
  7. Mob169"

    Hunting Taylorsville Lake wma new hunter

    Awesome place to hunt. Opportunities everywhere. Do not get discouraged with bad hunts and experiences out there. The heaviest hunted areas can and will pay off if hunted oct25 through late Nov. Don't burn yourself out early season out there. Wait till the rut to hit it hard and you will be...
  8. Mob169"

    My bucks are home pics added

    nice rustic room. Would like to see the rest of it
  9. Mob169"

    A New Generation Enters

  10. Mob169"

    Big for this time of year

  11. Mob169"

    2017 Buck is home now..

  12. Mob169"

    What is a trophy to you?

    Not a big fan of the term Trophy. Trophy is an award. A pat on the back. Thats just me. carry on
  13. Mob169"

    Sika deer Killed November 2017

    I hunt the same area. Congrats. Its definitely a Sika deer. I had one crossed the road in front of me on seatonville. They bound like a mule deer
  14. Mob169"

    Peabody stud!!

    Nice buck. Not convinced of the score. May be a pic though.
  15. Mob169"

    warmest hunting gear

    merion wool base layers from sierra trading post.
  16. Mob169"

    Thought I killed an 8 point.

  17. Mob169"

    24hr span

    Nice trail cam
  18. Mob169"

    Boot tracks, scent trails

    Nothing you can do. Nothing
  19. Mob169"

    Clean a skull the easy way

    Buck boiler
  20. Mob169"

    Success to hunting the Rut

    Hunt a pinch or funnel feature. Be quiet. Don’t stink. Don’t miss..