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  1. AteUp


    Anybody got any more of them post holes for sale?
  2. AteUp

    BREAKING: Academy Sports Pulling Modern Sporting Rifles From Shelves

    Was in there yesterday and guy was buying a Bushmaster that was in their weekly ad. Just looked at the ad online and they have removed the AR's for some not so scary looking rifles.
  3. AteUp


    I don't remember half of people's usernames any more.
  4. AteUp

    New Features Thread

    TEST @quackrstackr @pentail @buckfever @keith meador @lab @trust me @idontrememberanymoreusernames
  5. AteUp

    New Features Thread

    Dammit straight to hell. Where do I file an official complaint?
  6. AteUp

    New Features Thread

    If my active avatar doesn't still move...:mad:
  7. AteUp

    Sad day

    Hate to hear that. Are you friends or family? He wasn't shy about posting his life up for all to view on social media. Even though most of us have never met the man a lot of us are aware of what he has been through the past few years. Prayers up for all his friends and family.
  8. AteUp

    Read this

    Sadly, I agree. Many, many, many more lives. gun control saves 0.
  9. AteUp

    More Flag Talk....

    ky statutes. 525.010������Definitions for chapter. The following definitions apply in this chapter unless the context otherwise requires: (1) "Desecrate" means defacing, damaging, polluting, or otherwise physically mistreating in a way that the actor knows will outrage the sensibilities of...
  10. AteUp

    They want me to pay to hook onto the sewer Dear EarthTalk: What’s better for the local ecology, sewers or septic tanks? —T. H., Darien, Conn. You probably won’t have much choice as to whether that home you’re thinking of buying is on sewer or septic. Most likely it’s a done...
  11. AteUp

    They want me to pay to hook onto the sewer

    It's progress. They can treat and regulate your waste more eco friendly than you can, and they don't have to worry that individuals aren't keeping their systems up to snuff. Sad truth is prolly one day, there will be a subdivision there. Might be a hundred years but they are building the...
  12. AteUp

    Why Faux News is right up there with MSNBC in my book

    looks like he is republican now but was independent??
  13. AteUp

    Why Faux News is right up there with MSNBC in my book

    I'm half politically ignorant, but Rand Paul isn't a republican is he? Seems the story is who is the republican candidate is going to be.
  14. AteUp

    WI Crush 8 (Big 6pt)

    I'm totally confused about this thread. Why would people be after this deer and need to keep it secret?
  15. AteUp

    CMA's more like LOL's

    Doesn't really matter, most of the stations around here have changed their format to commercials anyway.
  16. AteUp

    CMA's more like LOL's

    Man that's a tough decision.
  17. AteUp

    hawk problem

    And lizards. never saw a lizard in the city for 40 years. Last few years they are everywhere. Counted 5 blue tails today while I was cutting grass.
  18. AteUp

    hawk problem

    I'm always on the hawk's side too. They are everywhere now though. I live in the city, and we have them all over the place.
  19. AteUp

    Wonder if Tony Stewart will get out of this one?

    I agree with trust me. That video did not show Stewart making any type of move towards Ward. I also didn't think Stewart was too high up the track. He was nowhere near the wrecked car. I feel bad for the family, but the kid shoulda stayed in his car. He was prolly racing Stewart harder than...
  20. AteUp

    CMA's more like LOL's

    You have to copy and paste entire address surround by the video embeds. it needs the http://

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