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  1. buckfever

    Ft Wright deer is dead

    The report from KDFWR states: "Robert J. Koch, 58, of Union, Kentucky is charged with hunting on private property without permission, illegally killing the deer and improperly reporting the harvest." There was no charge related to violating Ft. Mitchell's "No Hunting" ordinance, nor will...
  2. buckfever

    Ft Wright deer is dead

    Either that or somebody driving by, saw it, shot it with a bow or xbow, and planned to try to pick it up later.
  3. buckfever

    Ft Wright deer is dead

    The legislature is the state legislature. It is not counties, cities, municipalities or other local governments. No attorney would ever think or argue that the term “legislature” applies to cities. Imo, by the precise and plain language employed, local governments would be preempted from...
  4. buckfever

    Ft Wright deer is dead

    no, local governments have no power at all to restrict hunting. If it were as you suggest, the amendment would be absolutely meaningless because any county or city could ban hunting. Since this amendment was passed by KY residents, I’ll bet $500 that not a single person has been arrested or...
  5. buckfever

    Bow hunting during gun.. but why?!

    I bow hunt during gun season. I became enlightened and gained my freedom when I genuinely believed that the importance of the hunting experience to me shouldn’t be measured by the size of the deer. in my first years, I was unable to put down a rifle because I was afraid Mr. Big would walk...
  6. buckfever

    Ft Wright deer is dead

    Here’s the text of the Amendment, Ed Longshanks. Section 255A Personal right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife – Limitations. The citizens of Kentucky have the personal right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife, using traditional methods, subject only to statutes enacted by the Legislature...
  7. buckfever

    A quick word about this forum

    LMAO. In the opening passages, the original poster expresses his earnest sadness over certain other unnamed posters' biting negativity and mean-spirited bullying, which evidently delights the bullies' various troll stooge buddies (not sure about y'all but I was thinking Scut Farkus and his...
  8. buckfever

    Target buck vs. Any buck

    I've got a somewhat different view on hunters that eat tag soup after unsuccessfully chasing their target buck. At the most fundamental level, the hunting community sumblimely measures a hunter's "success" by whether they fill a buck tag. The next unwritten rule to measure success is the size...
  9. buckfever

    Thought he was a "Shooter", now not so sure??

    You wouldn't have started this thread if you didn't want someone to talk you out of shooting him. It looks like the same deer to me too. Based on last year's rack, I'd agree that he's likely 2. I agree that it's hard to fathom because the jump in size is huge. Have any side pictures of his...
  10. buckfever

    Giant 8 pointers

    I agree that field judging age is a guessing game at best in a lot of instances, and lots of folks aren't very good at it. I pretty much adhere to Early Bird's practice of trying to pass bucks I think are young. In aging deer on the hoof, Sometimes you're right, and sometimes you're not. You...
  11. buckfever

    This old old Guy

    Did either the game warden or the taxidermist tell you how they determined this deer to be 7.5 years old?
  12. buckfever

    .223 to hunt with.

    My kids have shot 7 deer with a .222. We've found 5. Three of those deer dropped in their tracks due to the veritable explosion of the bullet inside the deer. The .222 has plenty of kill power, but I will say that the blood trails absolutely sucked on every deer that ran off. I bought an...
  13. buckfever

    University of Michigan Students ‘Intimidated’ by ‘Masculine’ Wood Paneling in Academic Buildings

    Lol. . .students at WKU are obviously a lot smarter and wiser than those Michigan "idiots".
  14. buckfever

    Buy the Farm that Produced Multiple State Records

    Naw. Think about it. The hunter lives in eastern Kentucky and has a lease in western Kentucky (if memory serves, Logan or Todd County). He has killed 5 bucks over 200", 3 over 240", and 1 over 200" from public land (LBL). Heck, google the hunter's name on this forum along with a member...
  15. buckfever

    Buy the Farm that Produced Multiple State Records

    According to David Howard, the 200 acre farm where he killed several 200+" bucks with a bow, including 3 over 240", is coming up for sale. This farm is probably the best hunting land in the world. It must be, because it grows giant deer that don't ever wander onto any neighbor's land (no locals...
  16. buckfever

    Nuclear option used by Dems in 2003

    That was a filibuster, not the nuclear option. The Dems implemented the nuclear option in 2013 when they controlled the Senate and changed the Senate rules to prevent the R's from filibustering Obama's nominations to the lower federal courts (which essentially packed the courts with libs).
  17. buckfever

    Have y'all heard about some group trying to get .223's banned from deer hunting?

    "Some portion of ownership"???? What? Some unknown member of the League proposed it and then withdrew it. It wasn't even voted on by the League members, let alone passed. Good grief, implying that an entire organization is responsible for the views of possibly a single member is about as...
  18. buckfever

    Have y'all heard about some group trying to get .223's banned from deer hunting?

    JD: I don't believe it's correct to refer to this as an "LKS" proposal. It wasn't. Somebody within the LKS proposed it as a resolution, but it was withdrawn. We don't know why it was withdrawn prior to a vote, but the most likely reasons were the same as those expressed in this thread. In other...
  19. buckfever

    Have y'all heard about some group trying to get .223's banned from deer hunting?

    Although the proposed resolution may have been broadly worded to exclude any caliber smaller than a .24, there is absolutely no question that AR's (.223/5.56) were a primary target. IMO, its passage (which apparently did not happen) would have been a colossal mistake.
  20. buckfever

    Tim Kaine's Son

    The NBC writer still managed to get a Trump dig in at the end of the article: "Across the country, hundreds of people rallied on March 4 to show their support for President Trump's policies....."

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