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  1. xbokilla

    51 illegals dead....

    Law abiding tax payers. Have to become US citizens in a certain time frame. Break the law and get sent back.
  2. xbokilla

    Roe v Wade

    I try not to comment much on the politics forum. Maybe hit a “like” from time to time. But abortion to the death penalty to soldiers, a bit of a stretch. It seems pretty simple. The Supreme Court gave rights back to the states. I don’t see this “stopping” abortion and our population...
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    Simple things that bring happiness…

  4. xbokilla

    Chewing tobacco

    I’m thankful to have never been a chewer/dipper. My old man (just turned 80) chewed most of his life then dipped for about 10-12 years. At about age 78, he got a wild hair and quit cold turkey. He has done well but gained weight quickly from candy and food to fill the void. Dad liked Stokers...
  5. xbokilla


    WTH? First a big rattler skin and now this?! Better have on the snake boots or gators for your early season hunts!
  6. xbokilla

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Ate a nice breakfast out at a little restaurant. Chilled at the pool for a few hours. Going out to a beachfront restaurant tonight and watching the sunset. Every summer when we go on vacay gets me thinking more and more about retirement.
  7. xbokilla

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    I have seen lots of Let’s Go Brandon on vehicles down here in Florida. Even on some fancy little sports cars.
  8. xbokilla

    Simple things that bring happiness…

    Same. Even when I plan to sleep in it’s like 7:30 LOL. Been on vacation all week and up walking the dogs before 7.
  9. xbokilla

    Simple things that bring happiness…

    Been in SWFL since last Sunday. Just sitting in a beach chair with a cold drink and feet in the sand plus listening to the waves is pretty nice. A good sunset too! Hard to beat.
  10. xbokilla

    Wille Nelson

    Always loved them both too. Dolly did bow to some of the wokeness a few years back when people complained about the word “Dixie”. She even changed Dixie Stampede to just The Stampede. Considering how strong and influential she is, I was a bit disappointed. Still, she’s Dolly.
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    Simple things that bring happiness…

    Since there are many kindred spirits on here, just wondering what are some of the simple things in your life that bring you joy? I understand family, faith, etc…but what about other stuff. I’ll start with a few… Getting up early but having nothing to do but slow sip coffee (and check the Ky...
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    Bushnell 18 MP any good

    Not that particular camera but personally I like Bushnell. I got several 10+ years old that work just fine.
  13. xbokilla

    Electric tractors

    So farmers will have those charging stations in their barns? Maybe 1-2 out in the fields for the larger properties?
  14. xbokilla

    Identify this snake skin

    Don’t know about catch but they pay you to kill them.
  15. xbokilla

    C'Mon deer season !!!

    Nice buck. Pretty pic!
  16. xbokilla

    Music you like that would surprise people?

    My FIL said this was their “class song” his senior year of HS. LOL!
  17. xbokilla

    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    Been in Florida since Sunday night. Every gas station is different but seems to be about a $4.65 average. Georgia was like $4.39 driving down.
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Ditto until I was going into my freshman year of HS. Then we tore the old house down and brought in a fancy double wide. Parents live in that same DW that probably should be condemned but they could care less as long as people leave them alone. We did at least have electricity and momma could...
  19. xbokilla

    Identify this snake skin

    Wasn’t on the notecards.
  20. xbokilla

    Identify this snake skin

    It’s gonna happen eventually, I’m sure, but I’ve posted on here many times that I’ve never ran upon one in the wild and actually I grew up in an area that had quite a few. Now, I didn’t go looking for them… I’ll admit…