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    15-16 Kentucky Grouse Season

    My dad has a male you may be interested in. He is mosty grouse ridge and Tomoka/Ghost Train. Will is an exceptional dog, probably the best in 40 plus years of setter breeding. He ranges with the cover, has great stamina and exceptional game drive. He is intelligent and would probably done well...
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    15-16 Kentucky Grouse Season

    The perfect storm, West Nile mature forests and high predator numbers. Some of the northern states had West Nile info in the hunting guides a few years ago. Haven't seen any info on it in the guides lately.
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    Gunsmith needed

    Need someone to look at an O/U, doesn't fire the second barrel. Single trigger with inertia block. Eastern or central KY preferred, experience on Beretta 68x mandatory, thanks.
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    Elk load/rifle?

    Barnes Vortex 140 grain TTSX or Hornady Superformance 139 grain GMX would be a couple of good choices also. Lighter bullets means flatter trajectory and less recoil, at least with the Barnes load. The Superformance will kick a little harder due to increased velocity but should shoot a little...
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    Raising a scope to high?

    Some rings and based have a dedicated front ring/base and rear set. You may want to check the rings/based to see if the both are the same height.
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    WTB: Bass Boat

    Want to buy a good used bass boat, 17 ft or longer. Prefer fiberglass but open to suggestions. Located in east KY, near Johnson County.
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    Any Gobbling Yet?

    Heard first gobbler of the year yesterday morning. Long way off but was fired up, if it stays warm they will start breeding soon.
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    Grouse hunters that saw the good old days.....

    Started tagging along with Dad in the late 70's. Been packing a shotgun every year since 1981. Took me all season to kill my first one. February 1982 killed one out of a covey of a dozen. Common in those days to see groups of 3 to 8, been a long time since I've seen more than two at once. Hard...
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    Grouse hunters that saw the good old days.....

    Took awhile, had to go the local buffet to gather evidence.
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    Grouse hunters that saw the good old days.....

    Raptors, I hate this phone.
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    Grouse hunters that saw the good old days.....

    Stupid auto correct, should read Avians as in captors, duh.
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    Grouse hunters that saw the good old days.....

    Trustme's post about patchwork farms covers the big problem. Add in human population growth(long term habitat loss, increased predation from furbearers and most importantly Asians and you have a recipe for disaster. The crash has been coming for a while, island populations will not sustain a...
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    Woodcock cover's

    I nearly stepped on several freshly hatched chicks a couple of years ago during spring turkey season. I was easing around the hill through a wet spot, noticed little round circles cleaned out of leaves and debris. Thought it might be turkey scratching at first, took a couple more steps and...
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    Got the green light!

    If you're interested in a dog to hunt this season we have two FDSB registered English Setters for sale, just turned 1 year old. Dogs have been started just need more bird contacts to finish. Dogs are out of Grouse Ridge, Long Gone, Ghost Train, Tomoka and Blue Rock blood lines. Parents are...
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    Red Grouse Disease In Scotland

    Numbers are low everywhere I have been for the last several years, lots of factors involved. Parasites and diseases affect all animals so I don't see how grouse would be any different. Could be a part of the puzzle that has been overlooked.
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    Rabbit Season

    Rabbit and quail seasons run concurrently, not sure why unless it is to keep folks from shooting quail after the season goes out who are rabbit hunting. IMHO if this is the case it is not a valid reason as the difference in the populations of the two is night and day. Tons of rabbits but few...
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    Foxpro Scorpion vs. Foxpro Firestorm

    Was looking at these two calls trying to decide which is the better caller? The Scorpion is small and easy to pack, the Firestorm is probably louder? Would greatly appreciate any input about these two, thanks.
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    Kentucky Grouse Hunting

    Welcome to the club, wish you the best of luck it is a great sport. Hard to call it a sport here anymore but hope springs eternal. :D
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    January 1, 2012- What about finding this today?

    the eyes tell all Poisonous snakes in this part of the world will have "cat eyes", meaning the pupils will be vertical slits not a round circle like a dog's eyes. This is the easiest way to quickly differentiate between poisonous and non-poisonous. If memory serves me the only poisonous snake...
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    Dog Box

    Ribsplitter, what is the name of the place in Grayson that sells the scratch and dent boxes?