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    Planted some clover today

    Last Tuesday I tilled, put down lime and fertilizer before the rains. Today got out and planted a couple acres of clover. I ended up buying imperial whitetail blend. I know it costs more but after reading about experiences with the cheaper stuff from feed stores not being as attractive or...
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    Our Walmart Has Ammo, In Stock....

    I was just in Hilton Head SC. Walmart there had 30-06, 308, 30-30 and a number of other calibers for pretty normal prices. Kind of chuckled to my wife. The rich old folks must have either stocked up or more likely are oblivious to how hard some of that is to find at Walmart.
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    #4 on the snare

    All along the same fence line just about 200 yards long Haha. Yes they’re on to me. I pulled the line. I’ll let them get comfy again and then bring it. They won’t know what hit them.
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    Trapping photos 2021/2022

    Pulled the line today. Ended up with a total of 4 yotes in 6 checks. Couple skunks and a coon. Wish I could have gotten a few more but am happy to take out those three females before pup season. Got a few muskrat out of the pond and m learning/teaching the boys how to skin flesh and board...
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    Burning out a location

    How many times do y’all hunt the same general location and how often before you feel you burn it out/educate the yotes? Just learning here. Limited places to call and don’t want to over do it. Thanks for your replies
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    #4 on the snare

    #4 on the snare. Got a coon and a skunk too in DPs. Put a cubby where the skunk sprayed this time with the skunk’s tail sticking out per trapper Perry’s advice. Hoping for a bobcat. I caught someone’s farm dog. She was friendly enough and let me release her without any trouble. One check...
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    Monday Coyote

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    #3 on the line

    Snared another coyote last night. Nice female. Tracks in the snow are humbling. Set a few more snares and found a nice set of bobcat tracks where that skunk sprayed a couple days ago. Trapper Perry was right! Should have set a trap right there! Still no action on any of my footholds...
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    First snared yote

    Actually the skunk was still there. I was expecting more action on the line. Hoping tomorrow will yield some better results but I’m happy with 2 so far. I’d love to get a few in footholds.
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    #2 on the snare.

    Big male hung himself last night. #2 on the line. Three days in. Nothing has touched any of my footholds yet. Hoping they’re on the move tonight with this cold front.
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    First snared yote

    I’ll bet! I had a plastic grocery bag on hand and put it in that. But the time we got to the top of the hill on the four wheeler we were having second thoughts. I found my nearest dirt hole set and plopped it behind the hole. Hoping for a good result tomorrow morning.
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    First snared yote

    Thanks! If it’s still there tomorrow morning I’ll do just that.
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    First snared yote

    I’m running a small line on my farm and the neighbor’s farm. Trying to thin out the coyotes. Set on Tuesday. Today had my middle son with me and had the first catch. Yote on a snare. Also caught a skunk in a DP. Question: the skunk sprayed and I honestly didn’t want to mess with it...
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    Church group White elephant creation

    Thought you guys would get a kick out of what I made for my church’s small group white elephant gift exchange this past Christmas. Matching His/Her coonskin briefs. Lots of laughter ensued once someone picked them. Haha. The skins I used were not tanned. I told the couple if they seem a...
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    Last weekend of the season

    Crazy hunt this morning. At least one doe was bedded under my stand. She blew at me for about 10 minutes. Then while it was still dark, I heard another deer come in from down the ridge. He winded me and blew. Sure it was a buck. So I’m sitting there and decided to get down and move to...
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    Last weekend of the season

    I got skunked this morning. As in. I saw a skunk and no deer. Got in we’ll before legal light. Didn’t bump any. They just weren’t moving this morning. Driving tonight saw lots in fields. Going tomorrow for a last stand. Still haven’t shot a deer yet. Irony is I’ve passed several chip...
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    Fun snow hunt

    Had a few minutes the other night when we had a lot of snow to head behind the house with my two oldest sons for a quick hunt as the sun was going down. This gal came in with a couple others. Dropped her a yard from the call. No shot on the others but sure was a great moment with my boys.
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    A little too late

    Ha. Yeah. I’ve got Friday and Saturday for one last chance. Gonna get there earlier. I pulled my card on the only camera I’ve got. Turns out there were 5 does there. Here’s the kicker...I have them coming in almost everyday after 9. So I’m thinking this whole time I’m good on time. But...
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    A little too late

    I had to take a couple of my kids to school today and afterward busted it to the farm for a doe hunt (have yet to shoot one and now I’m desperate). As I get close to the food plot I see a doe literally right under my stand. She sees me but I stood motionless long enough for her to work off. I...
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    Landlocked hunting ground

    I should have stated that the advice to look into an easement first is great advice. Start there for sure.

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