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  1. JonDunn

    Roe v Wade

    From what I understand it puts it back in states hands. That's how it should be. I really don't say much about abortion, but if I was betting man I would bet that alot in Washington has had em performed throughout the years.
  2. JonDunn

    Electric Bill This Month!!

    I thought the same thing last year. We were without power for 6 days in the ice storm. The bill we received for that time frame was the highest we'd ever had by alot, until this past one.
  3. JonDunn

    Good evening hunt

    Pretty wood. I'd like to see better pics of it.
  4. JonDunn

    Alpha Gal

    Today or tomorrow had marked a year since I had eaten any mammal meat. I was thinking I could have gotten lucky, but I didn't. I got plenty of ass chewing from 4-5 family members tonight. Living with this sucks, but I realize they are alot of people in this world that are far off worse than I am.
  5. JonDunn

    Alpha Gal

    We've discussed this on several threads I believe, but this is the first one I fount in the search bar. I'm leaving the hospital right now. I'd had all I could take and broke down. I was at mom and dads and she'd fixed a roast. It smelt good and tasted great. If it would have been my last...
  6. JonDunn

    word of the day; rendesivir

    Didn't Trump take "rendesivie"? I believe he took it before it was approved by the CDC, FDA, whoever.
  7. JonDunn

    Now is the time

    Is the devil to be worse than the demon at hand?
  8. JonDunn

    Electric bill

    I was without electricity for 6 days in February during the ice storm. That bill was my highest ever, by a long shot.
  9. JonDunn

    Auditor Mike Harmon to announce bid for Kentucky governor

    That's a lie. Trump voters are suppose to only know one thing, work:) I'm just playing Carnivore. I learned a long time ago, both parties are hypocrites and 99% of people are hypocrites..
  10. JonDunn

    Who Runs The World???

    I've been ordering from them since 2012. I even advertised them on the board back then.
  11. JonDunn

    Who Runs The World???

    If you alienate every single thing you disagree with, you will never leave the house. You will become a hermit. You may as well burn your house because I guarantee some worker or some company built/sold you something that supports something you disagree with. I'm not gonna stop living my life...
  12. JonDunn

    Andy is an idiot

    What is surprising me is the amount of people I see on social media saying those that kept working should receive the extra money. That's not much better train of thought. Every single person wants something for nothing. The politicians are succeeding in whatever they are trying to do, I know...
  13. JonDunn

    Electric Ford

    No, absolutely not! Not all change is good. Not all technology is good.
  14. JonDunn

    Alpha Gal

    I've researched the acupuncture. Its not 100%. After my last episode of my throat swelling, I'm afraid to try it. It dont necessarily cure it, it just puts it in remission I believe. I would hate to think everything is going good then all of a sudden its lights out one night for me. Ticks...
  15. JonDunn

    Why would anyone want to be a police officer at this point

    Right! A jury has spoken. No doubt the cop aided in his death. He wasn't solely responsible, but he showed blatant disregard. If he wasn't so arrogant in his actions he may not be going behind bars. His pride got the best of him that day. One less bad cop to have around. George Floyd was a...
  16. JonDunn

    tick illness

    From my understanding, antibiotics will be useless as tits on a boar hog. Im no doctor by no means, but Ive studied it since being diagnosed last fall. We are screwed, unless we try acupuncture. That only puts it in remission. You are just waiting around to get another flare up, an if your bad...
  17. JonDunn

    tick illness

    I'm betting it is alot. I pretty much had to self diagnose myself and make mine test me for it.
  18. JonDunn

    tick illness

    Why the antibiotics?
  19. JonDunn

    Past Month's Electric Bill.....

    I'm under the impression all public utilities must be approved by the PSC for a rate increase.
  20. JonDunn

    Past Month's Electric Bill.....

    I was without power for 5 days of the billing cycle. Mine was higher than its ever been since the home has been built. Im Geo 32 an above. Natural 31 and below.