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  1. kycooner

    Excalibur exomax 225 lb pull CROSSBOW with lumi-zone scope

    Excalibur exomax 225 lb pull with lumi-zone scope Everything u need is included 4 strings and 1 is custom Made by boo. 50 dollar value. 5 bolts Rite stuff package Central Ky Can text pics 270 692 6713 500 Dollars
  2. kycooner

    dry land fish time almost!!!

    is this weather forecast for Florida,,,not what there giving for central ky...going to be like deer season this weekend,,,highs in the 40s lo of 23 sat morning
  3. kycooner

    Gayness- It's science....

    If this was the case any Coonhunting tresspassing thread should be deleted as soon as it is posted,,,You guys let them run for 15 pages ,,with nothing made but Derogatory Statements..
  4. kycooner

    Coon scent

    Givem3...I been doing good ,still not hunting much since my wife passed away..Made a couple good crosses on my Grntch Judge dog to some nice females lately,,so I'm going to raise me a pup this summer and hopefully will be back in the woods this fall
  5. kycooner

    Outdoor Dog Kennel

    This deck is a 12x12 it is made in 4 ,,6x6 panels that bolt together,,which makes it cheaper to build
  6. kycooner

    Coon scent

    Best is get you a cage coon ,throw some rags in there with him..after a few days get the rags out and put them in zip lock baggies..Use these to make your tracks
  7. kycooner

    Mushroom season, later than usual?

    I'm really thinking this will be a good year for mushrooms,,its actually more of a normal winter..this is the first year in a long time we have March Lillies in March,the last sevral years they have been up and pretty much withered by now. I mainly hunt the Blacks, and there is a small window...
  8. kycooner

    Mower guru's, need to pick your brains.

    I mow my Fathers yard he has a Cub Cadet,,the deck has a Fitting u hook a hose up too,,then engage the blades and it seems to clean the deck good. I know his cuts great
  9. kycooner

    Zimmerman trial....

    No..But these folks that are protesting now ,they were in the street celebrating when O.J got acquitted.
  10. kycooner

    Zimmerman trial....

    Ive.been keeping up with the trail and it;s obvious, self defense ,and the man should be acquitted ,,But here's what I see happening,,the prosecutors were confident when they picked the jury to get one person they felt sure would return a guilty verdict to make a hung jury,and it comes back as...
  11. kycooner

    Crossbow hunting during archery season

    Mine is good for as long as I live,,
  12. kycooner

    Reagan's 1st Coon Hunt

    Now thats what it's all about,,
  13. kycooner

    Whippoorwhill is driving me insane...

    Whippoorwills are more vocal late spring and early summer ,,it's getting about time for them to not be making so much noise
  14. kycooner

    New Orleans Wildcats??? Kentucky Pelicans???

    They stayed because they have a selfish coach..If Russ Smith played at UK ,Cal would of told him his stock is higher now than it ever would be,,so GO...But Slick Rick wanted him back so he may win 20 games this year and save face. Back to Back...what the hell u been smoking
  15. kycooner

    Advice needed on a hog.

    Your not going to be able to salt cure any meat this time of year...I would get pork Chops or tenderloins,,you cant have both,since they come from the same cut of meat , the only differnce is chops have bone in..Ribs,,take you sevral can take the hind Quarters {Hams} slice some...
  16. kycooner

    New bee pictures, caught a swarm and made second hive

    I've been thinking of raising bees here the past few weeks,,i went to Clarkson Ky last week to the Walter E Kelly Co. most likely the largest bee supply co in the U.S and bought a book. I have been taking honey the past month for my allergies since my Clariton is no longer doing the job and...
  17. kycooner

    Xbow..........Who all owns one and what kind..........???

    Its swift ,,I feel confident at 60 yds in a open field,,,with the cord rope for cocking,,its real easy. There is very little elavation for each yardage...The crosshairs is set at30 yds and under. The only fallback I see know is, it is a little on the heavy side and kind of bulky,,compared to the...
  18. kycooner

    Xbow..........Who all owns one and what kind..........???

    Excaliber Exomax 225 lb pull..Lumi Zone Scope
  19. kycooner


    I've been keeping up with is how I see it..Rand Paul says they will have each growers spot located with GPS for law enforcement,,but after a couple years ,,since this is a weed like Thistles you will start having plants show up all along the creeks and rivers.This will in time make it...