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  1. nooge

    Brushing boat blind

    Just curious, I have a beavertail blind with just flat cloth. I usually brush in my blind every time I go out with whatever I can find in the area that I'm hunting. Just wanted to see what others do with similar blinds. Do you have something that is permanent or do you blind it in each hunt...
  2. nooge


  3. nooge

    Moultrie I40 display problems...

    I've got two of these cameras and they both take/took really good pics. Last year the displays were kinda hard to read but doable. This year though both displays are completely blank with fresh batteries. I have looked on Moultrie's web site and you can send your camera off to be fixed but it...
  4. nooge

    Bushnell Trophy Cam

    Just wondering if they are as good as advertised. I've got a couple of Moultries and I'm in the market for another trail cam. Any input is welcome.
  5. nooge

    Taxidermist near Lex.

    Any suggestions around the area for ducks? I've heard of Gunners and a few others, but honestly I'm not looking to spend a lot. I know you get what you pay for but thought I might see if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks...
  6. nooge

    Goose calls

    I'm sure this question comes around every year ... I have been duck hunting the last 5 years and feel fairly comfortable using a duck call. I would like to try my hand at geese. At the end of season last year I bought a Knight & Hale at Wal-Mart for $10 and I don't know if I suck that bad or...
  7. nooge

    pop up campers

    My wife and I are thinking about purchasing a pop up camper. We have tent camped for the last few years and are looking to upgrade. Don't want to spend a lot and wouldn't mind buying used. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on models, dealers, or anything else relevant?
  8. nooge

    reblueing 870

    I've had my 870 for 11 years and I believe it's time for a little beauty work. It has a little bit of rust on it and some places I have worn down to the medal from cleaning. Does anyone have any advice on where (around Lexington) I could get it done, how much, or is this something I could even...
  9. nooge

    Layout blinds???

    Does anyone have any suggestions on layout blinds? I have never used them before and I am currently looking to purchase one. Any input would be helpful!
  10. nooge

    Beaver Problem???

    I have a farm in central KY where I have to cross the Rolling Fork River to get to it. Usually we have no problems crossing the river as it's normally <1' deep this time of year. However, we now have a beaver dam just down river from where we normally cross and that's causing the water level to...

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