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    Foxelli Trail Camera

    I ran across an IR 20MP Foxelli trail camera on Amazon marked down from $99.97 to $49.97 for one day only and was wondering if anyone has tried this brand? I've never heard of Foxelli, but for $50 bucks I thought I might give one a try.
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    Anybody catching sauger yet?
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    Lount Lake,Ontario

    I have a tripped planned to fish Lount Lake in August. It will be my first time there and I’m looking for tips from anyone that has ever fished there.
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    Windy and Warm This Weekend

    With projections of a South wind and temps in the 70s this weekend what do you guys think it will do to the buck activity?
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    Hunting Phone Apps

    I use Antler Insanity too.
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    Stuff I learned about hunting while hunting

    "Take what the day gives you". Over the years we have established some really good hunting sites on our property. I used to start thinking I should probably be in one of our other stands when the action was slow. Once I adopted the philosophy above I don't have that problem any more or at least...
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    Nice afternoon!!

    Nice one!
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    Is it just me or has this site become almost un useable?

    I have such a hard time posting pictures any more that I seldom do it. I suspect others are having the same problem since so few trail cam pics are posted any more.
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    UF vs UK football score prediction thread

    I don't think I've ever even seen a high school team not cover a receiver and we did it twice.
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    Whats in your back pack???

    What kind of portable cell phone chargers are you guys using?
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    Captain Hooks is Dead!

    Congratulations on a super buck! Now I want to hear the details of your hunt and history with this great buck.
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    Best Camo Ever

    There's something on this tree other than my trail camera. Can you find it?
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    Site to download pics to

    How do scale down pics?
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    Post your best trail cam picture

    I was lucky enough to kill this buck with my bow just a few days after this picture was taken.
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    Post your best trail cam picture

    Another one of my favorite turkey pictures.
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    Post your best trail cam picture

    I got this picture right before turkey season a couple of years ago and never saw any of them while I was hunting.
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    Post your best trail cam picture

    Finally figured out how to upload a picture!
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    Post your best trail cam picture

    The problem is I can't figure out how to post a picture since the last upgrade to the forum. It resized my pic on another website and tried to upload to this thread, but guess I'm doing something wrong. This makes me feel stupid. Guess I need to get my daughter to help me.
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    Post your best trail cam picture

    This is mine. Not the biggest buck, but the way the sun was hitting his antlers while he worked this scrape I thought was just beautiful.

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