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    Need a dog trainer

    My friend has a 7 month old lab that needs to be trained. Anybody know of a good trainer around central Kentucky? If so, please pm me or post name, number, and location if possible. I would appreciate it.
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    Whose practicing already?

    I am new to waterfowl hunting and duck and goose calling, but I absolutely love it. As soon as turkey season went out, I started practicing my calling. Who else is driving the neighbors crazy? and what are your favorite calls?
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    Calling Contests in KY

    Anybody heard of any future calling contests in KY?
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    Clarksville Results

    Anyone know the results of the calling contest at Bass Pro in Clarksville yesterday?
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    Who Missed?

    After a rough day of hunting Saturday. Called one right in this morning and missed. I got tunnel vision and blew a small tree in half. Needless to say, I am dissappointed but I had a great hunt and am thankful for the opportunity to shoot at a gobbler.
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    Locators Working???

    This morning I went out and heard 3 early. I heard real owls hooting and crows crowing, but no gobbling. I blew an owl hooter, crow call, woodpecker, peacock, and a goose call, still nothing. Then a hen got hot and the trio began to hammer. They gobbled for a few minutes and then shut down...
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    Full Strut Decoys

    I am getting ready to buy a Full Strut Decoy, but I am wondering which one will fold up the most compact and which is easiest to fluff out and set up. I have decided on the decoys that look the best, but I need to know more about the decoy itself. Right now, I am actually leaning toward the...
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    Down-N-Dirty Calls

    Heard these were awesome calls. Are they? Especially the owl hooter, I am looking to buy a new one.

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