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  1. Speckledaddy

    Last weekend luck

    Had lots of birds this weekend in Arkansas. It was like Arkansas was supposed to be. Greenheads and Pintails. What a weekend. It was a great way for our club to finish the season. Hope everyone else finished well.....
  2. Speckledaddy

    Kids in the field

    Here are some pics of some happy young hunters on a trip to Arkansas. This is what it is all about. They had a great time. We let them blow calls, work the dog and just get involved in the hunt. Rebecca is 7 and Jacob is 9. What memories for them. I encourage all to let children experience...
  3. Speckledaddy

    Shooting times

    Just wondered if any of you guys could direct me to find a chart of shooting times for Arkansas?
  4. Speckledaddy

    Favorite waterfowl

    Just wanted to know what is your favorite species of waterfowl to harvest and which one do you want to hang on your wall?
  5. Speckledaddy

    "Black Cloud" and chokes

    Greeting fellow Waterfowlers, I guess everyone is getting anxious for season to start, I know I am. Just want to know if anybody has tried the new "Black Cloud" shotshells. I heard that if you use it, you shouldn't use a ported choke. Anybody know or is this just something to sell you a new...

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