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    Finally got the lucky draw!

    After many years of paying my dues I finally picked up a Bull Archery tag! Any advice anyone can give me? Recommend a guide? Things to ask them? Average price for a hunt and maybe success rates for archery with a guide if you have any idea. Super pumped and cant wait to get out there and...
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    Recommend me a waterfowl taxidermist.

    Hey everyone. I shot a nice Drake wood duck this weekend and I would like to get it mounted. Anyone have recommendation and pictures of work. Also needs to be fairly close to Lexington?
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    Need your opinions...bummed

    This morning I went to my normal hunting spot and did not see a thing, so I decided to go do some work on some new property in the family. I found a nice spot for upcoming gun season on a ridge over looking a creek. I sat down grunted twice and the biggest buck I have ever seen while hunting...
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    What kind of tree is this?

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    I need some help with this one.

    Hey everyone, my sister in law is a finalist in a contest to receive a free rehearsal dinner for her wedding. If you all would please vote for her (you can vote once a day) I would greatly appreciate it. Her fiance's mom is a single mother of 3 boys and does not have the money to give them a...
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    Deer finding corn.

    I am going to put out some corn this week and I am wondering how long it will take them to find it if I haven't fed it before. It has been a rough 2 months and I need to kill a doe or 2 so I am getting desperate. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
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    Taxidermist Recommendation

    Central KY, close to Lexington. I have no idea who to go with, anyone had good experiences?
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    Got my new Mission Ballistic this weekend!!

    I have been looking at a new bow to replace my aging Mathews FX that I bought many years ago and narrowed it down to a Ballistic or Chill. Went to R&R in Georgetown this weekend and liked the Ballistic better. I can not believe how well this bow shoots and how smooth it is for such a great...
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    Uneventful ML opening day in Woodford...

    But I did find my target buck! This means the rut is getting close, I never see big bucks on my property until rut. Good signs:eagerness: On a side note, AGE and SCORE?
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    Question about a new plot.

    Hello all, I am going to clear out a smallish plot on the land that I hunt. The main reason I am doing this is so I can hunt the area because the woods are extremely thick with undergrowth. My main question is can I plant something this week that will provide some sort of forage for deer this...
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    Just got new Drop Away rest.

    My NAP Apachie rest came in the mail today. I installed it and tuned my bow then started shooting. All I have to say is I have been missing out while using the Wisker Biscuit. I can tell a considerable difference on how much flatter my arrows are shooting. If anyone is on the fence about a...

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