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    Foxelli Trail Camera

    I ran across an IR 20MP Foxelli trail camera on Amazon marked down from $99.97 to $49.97 for one day only and was wondering if anyone has tried this brand? I've never heard of Foxelli, but for $50 bucks I thought I might give one a try.
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    Anybody catching sauger yet?
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    Lount Lake,Ontario

    I have a tripped planned to fish Lount Lake in August. It will be my first time there and I’m looking for tips from anyone that has ever fished there.
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    Windy and Warm This Weekend

    With projections of a South wind and temps in the 70s this weekend what do you guys think it will do to the buck activity?
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    Best Camo Ever

    There's something on this tree other than my trail camera. Can you find it?
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    Post your best trail cam picture

    This is mine. Not the biggest buck, but the way the sun was hitting his antlers while he worked this scrape I thought was just beautiful.
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    Need help resizing pictures

    I tried to post a picture and got an error message saying it was too large. How do you guys resize your pictures before you post them?
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    Sauger Reports

    Anybody catching any sauger?
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    Watering Hole

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    Is there a gun show this weekend

    Is there a gun show this weekend at the Fairgrounds in Louisville? I read somewhere there is and it's supposed to be a pretty big one.
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    Rain Question

    I've always heard turkeys will be in the fields following a rain, but what about during a rain? Will they hang out in the woods until the rain is over or head onto the fields?
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    Turkey Nest

    Just as I stopped to call yesterday afternoon I looked over and at the base of a big oak about 20 feet away there's a hen sitting on a nest. I was hoping if I kept walking she would stay put, but with one more step she took flight. I snapped a quick pic and got out of the area. Sure hope she...
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    How close is too close.... set up on a roosted gobbler before daylight?
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    Cave City Gun Show

    Looks like this show is coming up next weekend. Can anyone tell me if this is a good gun show?
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    USA Trail Cams

    Has anyone tried these trail cams or know anything about the company?
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    Reelfoot Crappie Question

    I've never been to Reelfoot, but I love to fish for crappie around cypress trees and have heard there are plenty of cypress in the lake. I was wondering when is the best time of year to catch crappie around the trees?
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    Louisville Gun Show

    Will the Louisville Gun Show this weekend be worth driving an hour to? I've never been and thought it might be fun since I haven't been to a gun show in years.
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    22 Mag Ammo

    I recently purchased a 22 mag revolver. I had no idea how hard this ammo is to find. I've found some places on line that I can order it, but wanted to check to see if any of the folks on here could tell me a place in Louisville or the Central Kentucky area that I may be able to find some.

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