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  1. jshepherd

    Montgomery County Questions

    I had a question for anyone that is around or hunts this area. I recently got permission to hunt around 100 acres in Montgomery County, I've looked at the harvest results and done some research on this area but haven't had much luck on finding much information. I've looked at the area with a...
  2. jshepherd

    Powell county

    anybody hunting in this area? What kind of action have you all seen, it’s been dead on my farm
  3. jshepherd

    Kimber crimson carry

    Wanting to trade or sale my kimber crimson carry 380. Has 2 mags, and soft kimber bag. message if interested. Located in eastern ky.
  4. jshepherd

    Topo map help

    Anyone want to give a hand on this Topo map? I haven’t gotten to go scout it yet, I have picked up some college courses to further my degree and I’ve had less time in the woods, I’m hoping to be scouting one day this week. Any help would be appreciated
  5. jshepherd

    Breathitt county

    is anybody else on this forum hunting this area? I've yet to see any chasing but am seeing scrapes and rubs everywhere. I've hunted on ridges to the bottom of the hollers and still haven't seen but one buck so far and really haven't heard much rifle fire since season stated. Just seeing what...
  6. jshepherd

    Looking for dodge wheels

    I was looking to purchase a set of black rims for Dodge Ram, I prefer a 17 inch rim, has to have a bolt pattern of 5x5.5 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. jshepherd

    Looking for AR parts

    I'm looking to build an AR, if anybody has a lower or or upper, doesn't have to be complete let me know Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. jshepherd

    Deer sheds

    I usually start looking for sheds the beginning of February for deer but have heard a lot of people talking about seeing deer that have already dropped. I usually start looking the beginning of March for elk sheds. I guess it's getting time to break out the walking shoes. Sent from my iPhone...
  9. jshepherd

    Boyd's gun stocks

    Has anybody purchased a Boyd's gun stock? If so how has it held up and what's your experience with it? I was thinking about ordering a thumb hole stock for one of my rifles but was kinda curious on why they were so much cheaper than most places I've looked Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. jshepherd

    Winchester model 70

    I just picked up a Winchester model 70 7mm rem mag for 250 bucks with a Simmons whitetail classic scope 3-9x40. Anybody have one of these guns and what's their thoughts on them? I figured for the price I picked it up for I couldn't go wrong, guy was needing money for Christmas Sent from my...
  11. jshepherd

    Marlin 22 magnum for trade

  12. jshepherd

    Going to try taxidermy next year

    Hey guys, I have done a couple of fish in the past that turned out good. I done a deer years ago that didn't turn out good at all, in fact looked like a retarded dog lol, but to my credit I was shaping everything my own without buying the forms, any suggestions for a newbie trying to mount his...
  13. jshepherd

    Adair county

    I was talking to a friend of mine here Where I work and found out they have a private farm somewhere in Adair county close to green river, does anybody know anything about the population of the deer in that area or the quality of deer around that area?
  14. jshepherd

    Got one this morning

    Well it may not be the biggest but I couldn't let him walk, he was defiantly a shooter in my book
  15. jshepherd

    Wife's first deer

    Me and my wife hunting this morning, he come in to a rattle and some grunts, he come looking for a fight. My wife was tore all to to hell and missed on the first shot and was lucky enough that he stood there for a second. Couldn't be more proud
  16. jshepherd

    Breathitt county

    Anybody else on here hunt in this area? I've seen 2 bucks this morning cruising, I haven't seen any chasing activity yet, seems like it will hit right with rifle season. Anybody around this area seeing anything?
  17. jshepherd

    Topo map help to new user

    Hey guys I'm a new user here on the site and This is the first year I've used topo maps, what does this topo map say this area has to offer, I was thinking about putting a stand right in the center of this map if the scouting of this area pans out.

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