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    Posting links since upgrade???

    can you make a video? I don't experience any issues
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    Insecure connection

    but remember those ads pay the bills and make possible to cover all the costs of this community. ;)
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    Insecure connection

    This can cause issues. Some scripts may not load so I'd advise to disable it.
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    logging in

    Are you sure you are entering the right username? Enter your email instead and let me know if that works
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    cell Phone

    Do you get any error on your phone? Please provide more details
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    Uploading pictures

    Your image is too big, you should reduce the size of it:
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    mobile search screwy

    Are you sure you are selecting the community forum on the list?: The results I get are of this forum only:
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    How can we see more than 10 threads per page? Make sure to unmark the "Show people's signatures with their messages" checkbox As regarding thread list it's the same number of threads per page for everybody. Users can't change it.
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    Log in for dummies?

    This issue has been resolved.
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    Log in for dummies?

    Hi Ed Please let me know which was your previous email in order to check you really know it.
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    Can't edit posts

    The latest IE version is incompatible with the actual forum software. I'd suggest you to use another web browser like Firefox or Chrome because IE doesn't follow web standards and you may have issues with it.
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    Can't edit posts

    Could you please try with another web browser and see if you are able to reproduce the issue?
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    Just a test
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    New Thread problems

    Great! Thank you for your confirmation Bobby.
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    New Thread problems

    There are compatibility issues between Edge and the WYSIWYG editor used on this forum. Could you please try with another web browser? Try Chrome or Firefox
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    New Thread problems

    Hi kyarcher Could you please let me know which web browser do you use? It will also be useful to know if you have any extensions installed on your web browser. Thank you
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    Is it just me or a problem

    Yes, based on the tests I've made some ads takes more seconds to load than others.
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    Could you please explain me which issues are you referring to? I'd like to know some details in order to help you to upload the pictures. Which is the size of each photo? Are you trying to upload them through Tapatalk?
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    Pics won't upload?

    You should see a thumbnail on the post once you upload the picture. Could you please let me know all the steps you do in order to reproduce this?
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    Why do some of my threads get deleted?

    I see you replied two threads yesterday (but you haven't created any thread):

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