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  1. Speckledaddy

    duck decoys

    Uncle Lee's or online Wing Supply is the best place to buy any hunting equipment....very good price.
  2. Speckledaddy

    a little early

    Help !!!! I think that season should'nt start until Dec. run through Mid-Feb. and have a couple of splits like in Arkansas. Our weather has changed so much they say due to global warming, then we need to adapt to that and make our season later in the year. I hunt in Arkansas and in Nov. we are...
  3. Speckledaddy

    Well boys...................

    Dads Enjoy the time you can spend with you Dad because you can't get a day of that back. I lost my Dad 2 years ago and miss him dearly. He is the reason that I can enjoy hunting and the outdoors. He spent time teaching me about the outdoors and I thank him for every moment. In todays world...
  4. Speckledaddy

    Snow Geese?

    Arkansas in late Feb........... Good luck to all
  5. Speckledaddy

    Last weekend luck

    Had lots of birds this weekend in Arkansas. It was like Arkansas was supposed to be. Greenheads and Pintails. What a weekend. It was a great way for our club to finish the season. Hope everyone else finished well.....
  6. Speckledaddy

    Kids in the field

    Here are some pics of some happy young hunters on a trip to Arkansas. This is what it is all about. They had a great time. We let them blow calls, work the dog and just get involved in the hunt. Rebecca is 7 and Jacob is 9. What memories for them. I encourage all to let children experience...
  7. Speckledaddy

    Well who is going to be out Firday morning bravin the tempatures

    Heading to Arkansas on tonight. If we can keep water open it should be a great weekend to hunt. Good luck to all and stay safe and warm !!!!
  8. Speckledaddy

    Federal Black Cloud

    Like the way they shoot but I too had my gun to jam a few times. Killed some Snows at long range with them. Went back to the Kent Faststeel and it worked fine. All I need now is something to shoot at. Ducks are scarce !!!
  9. Speckledaddy

    Any suggestions?

    Arkansas We have a private club there in Brinkley and right now we are NOT killing ducks at all. A couple of my buddies, 5 of them from our club went to Cypress Point in Stuggart over the weekend while we were there and killed 10 ducks (most of which were gadwalls). Not sure what is going on...
  10. Speckledaddy

    why i go to arkanas...

    Where? Where do you guys hunt is Arkansas? We have a private club there also in Brinkley.
  11. Speckledaddy

    why i go to arkanas...

    Arkansas Having alot better luck than us. We are in Brinkley and have very few ducks. Everyone around us is in similar shape. Not sure where you are but you must be killing them all. Going back this week and give it a shot but we had guys there for a couple of days and not much happening...
  12. Speckledaddy

    Getting Started

    Duck Hunting ???? Well if you want to start you should have started about 5 years ago when it was good hunting. I hunt in "The Duck Capital of the World" , Arkansas, and it has gotten worse each year. I have hunted there for 6 years now and we have seen the duck numbers drop drastically!!! I...
  13. Speckledaddy

    Hevi-shot #6

    Use #6 factory Hevi-shot for ducks and work excellent through my Benelli. Also shoot Kent Faststeel #2 that works well and a little cheaper if that matters. Never have reloaded either one. Let me know how it works if you do.
  14. Speckledaddy

    This Cant be,Can it ?

    Wow That is definitely him. They just continue to amaze me. Just when you think you have them figured them out they show you that you haven't. Nature is so amazing!!! These animals are truly unpredictable. By the way in the other thread with this deer someone said he was a young deer...
  15. Speckledaddy

    Opening Day Plans!

    Opening day I will be in Arkansas this coming weekend with a Benelli in hand !!! Can't wait. We will be leaving Thurs. and probably won't sleep any Fri. night. Good luck to all !!!!
  16. Speckledaddy


    I had some buddies deer hunting in Southern Ill. this week and said there were thousands of ducks there and also in Missouri. Maybe they will hit just right this year. Heading to Arkansas next weekend for opener there.
  17. Speckledaddy

    How many of you guys have a mounted your deer?

    Trophy mount I have a 144" eight pointer that I killed with a bow on the wall.
  18. Speckledaddy

    Kentucky Giant

    Nice buck Great Buck !!!! Congrats and I assume you are getting it mounted ? That is a real trophy. :)
  19. Speckledaddy

    My Son's First Turkey

    First turkey Great job !!! My son killed his first ol' Tom this spring during youth season. He is eight years old and slammed this ol' turkey. He was way to calm and I was a nervous wreck. Shot it at 20 yds. with a 20 ga. Charles Daly semi-auto. Great gun for youth by the way. I know you...
  20. Speckledaddy

    finally home from Kansas....

    Great Job Congrats and thanks for the pics. Does your show air in BG? If so when? Love to watch it sometime.

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