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  1. Blue Moon

    Be careful, only takes a second for tragedy....

    Had something similar happen last year helping a buddy put a stand up. I didn't know it was hinged and I watched as the tip of ring finger on my left had was cut like the hinge was a pair of scissors. Mine was lower on the finger at the base of the nail but above the first joint. Like you, I was...
  2. Blue Moon


    There is a dead one on hwy 60 right in front of Ballard Memorial High School in Ballard County right now.
  3. Blue Moon

    Range Finder

    I have a Redfield that I bought a year ago (I think). At the time it was less expensive than the Nikon, Bushnell, and other big names. I have been very happy with it. No angle compensation, but simple, effective, and less expensive.
  4. Blue Moon

    naa .22 wasp

    I bought a wasp at Whittakers a year ago. Pro: it's small enough you can carry it just about anywhere, just about any time. Con: it's small enough that you can just about guarantee that if you are in a situation where you would want a CC weapon, you are probably going to want one bigger than...
  5. Blue Moon

    Where does everyone sell guns at?

    ^^my first thought too! A Tec-9 is pretty nontraditional too. 30 rounds of 9mm sounds fun to me. I second the vote for classifieds in W. Ky. Not sure if there is a similar site near you.
  6. Blue Moon

    This is going too far!!!

    Administrators don't make policy either! State legislators (elected), schools boards (elected) and School Based Councils (elected by parents and teachers...not administrators) make policies. The administrators are charged with making sure others carry out the policy. They get fired for not...
  7. Blue Moon

    Billy G in hospital after alleged player abuse.

    After I read the title, I thought I was going to read about him getting his butt kicked by a player!
  8. Blue Moon

    Okay another couger pic possibly.

    My very first thought when I looked at the body and tail was that it looked more like a canine. I'm just wondering if a yote or a dog could have his nose buried in something making it look like a feline head?
  9. Blue Moon

    Jeff Co Public Schools "stealing" another 3.4% TAX INCREASE

    That is inclusive of all the taxes your local board is allowed to raise. Real estate, tangible property, motor vehicle...
  10. Blue Moon

    no action?

    I was blaming my Dollar Store batteries too. Then I put Energizers in there for a week and still have a huge drop in pictures. I'm beginning to think that my cams are possessed...or on protest.
  11. Blue Moon

    Jeff Co Public Schools "stealing" another 3.4% TAX INCREASE

    Just to clarify, school districts cannot raise taxes up to 4% a year...they are permitted to raise taxes that will generate 4% more revenue than the previous year. Very rarely would tax rates go up 4% in order to bring in 4% more revenue because usually the property assessment goes up. In...
  12. Blue Moon

    17 beheaded for having "music party"

    "This attack shows that there are irresponsible members among the Taliban," Karzai said in a statement. ya think?!
  13. Blue Moon


    Do I have the right to spank my 11 year old son even though he very much opposes it? Murder, by definition is unlawful. There are times when killing another human is within your legal rights; that would NOT be murder. Use of lethal force in self defense comes to mind...
  14. Blue Moon


    Still have my Remington Nylon 66 (hunted with it last year) and my single shot Winchester youth 20 gauge (in the safe at my dad's house). First gun I bought was a Browning Light 20; don't shoot it much anymore, but it's still in the safe.
  15. Blue Moon

    Never laughed so hard....

    Had never seen that before. Funny stuff!!
  16. Blue Moon

    Newest Bobcat Mount

    Oh man, I saw that ad the other day and thought of this very thread too! Always good for a laugh!!!
  17. Blue Moon

    decent deer

    That is an oddly "pixilated" cut in his ear...
  18. Blue Moon

    Today's Camera Check

    Cool pics. Looks like he is stalking that salt block like a cat!
  19. Blue Moon

    This is a first!

    Watch out, that thar pig might belong to Randall McCoy!
  20. Blue Moon

    Birds Nest - Anybody Got An Opinion?

    Yep, not only gutters at my place, but once a year I open my grill to find that something has converted it into a bird condo. Man, I hate having to dig all that stuff out!!

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