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    ML Numbers: Is it a trend?

    Just finished viewing harvest totals for this past weekends ML opener and found extremely low totals for hunters. Although I have no idea how many people took to the woods, taking advantage of the early season, the total number of animals checked in is surprising. A total of 6 animals taken was...
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    Wayne County Numbers

    Anyone have any information about the deer population or quality of deer in the Wayne County area of the state? I've got the opportunity to hunt a parcel of land around Cumberland Lake and was wondering if it would be in my interest to make the lengthy drive to give hunting a try. I think the...
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    .17 HMR - I love this thing

    Picked up a .17 HMR two years ago and had not really gotten around to shooting it enough to know what it was capable of. Saturday, my father-in-law and I went to the range to shoot a few rounds down range. I got the .17 out and zeroed it in about 1" high at 50 yards. Then I made the golf balls...
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    Dogs stolen from hunt.
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    In a pickle. Some ADVICE PLEASE!

    When I say I'm in a pickle, I mean I'm in a decision pickle. And the decision pickle is the purchase of several new firearms. My list of firearms by the end of the year consist of a XD 4" Service .40 caliber pistol, which I'm not in a pickle over because I know the XD will be one of my three...
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    In a hand basket

    yesterday I decided to catch some television. Came across the movie, A Perfect Storm, on cable. Of course it was cut up worse than a jailbird trying to cross razor wire but that is beside the point. As I watched, I knew times were seriously bad. In one line of the movie, some lady tells the...
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    FACEBOOK has CRASHED!!!! Get out the padded mats

    It's true. Facebook has crashed and attempted suicide rates went up tenfold. Wait a minute, it may be working again now. False alarm folks. All is sane in our technology/internet obsessed world.

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