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    Second question did anyone hunt John C Williams WMA earlier in the season or later in the season and have any luck. That's where I hunted and the few ducks I saw weren't mallard looked like black ducks or something did anyone else hunt there with any luck? I live about 4 miles from there and...
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    Three firsts for me

    Congrats!! Took me over 15 years to get my first and only.
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    4 limits

    We've been in the gadwalls and black ducks lately.
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    We are seeing more also. Two of us killed our limit Sunday. So three of us took off Tuesday and got our limits. Mallards, Gadwalls, Widgeons & Black ducks.
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    Cow tag filled!

    Congrats, nice one!
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    Wife got her elk

    She got her cow 1-2-16 at 269 yards with a 7mm08.
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    Duck Hunting Harding/Meade County/Knox

    About the only thing in the area is at Freeman Lake.
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    We killed a few yesterday
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    Help me name my new Silver Lab

    How about Kent
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    Looking for a gun.

    KYGun or Whitakers which ever you are closes to. I was real disappointed in Uncle Lee's when I went by there a couple weeks ago. The prices are no better than BassPro or Cabelas now.
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    Looking for a gun.

    Don't know if you have been to Uncle Lee's since they reopened but its nothing like it use to be.
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    Another Ballard WMA question thread.....

    we hunted blind 24 on 12/19 and only had one duck that was borderline in range. Hunted 107 on 12/20 and got to shoot one time at three that came in and dropped only one due to poor shooting.
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    Ballard WMA

    Got drawn. We usually see stand by guys when we go, sometimes they are able to hook up with parties that only has two people in them.
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    Slough No Goose

    We hunted blind 39 opening morning and killed 4 and 1 the second day. Not much there.
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    Ballard WMA

    Went last year and had a great hunt. Heading back the 19th & 20th. this month.
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    Blind 39 Sloughs

    Got drawn opening two days. I'll have the paper work with me. I figure I'm going to get into it with someone that morning. Last year someone was heading to our blind down there and I had to show my paper work just to prove that it was ours and we were a hour early. A couple years ago when we...
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    Blind 39 Sloughs

    There's 4 of us that apply each year we are always in the Crenshaw tract, not complaining just seems odd.
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    Blind 39 Sloughs

    We hunted 40 a few years back opening weekend and got our limit in gadwalls. Friend of mine got 45 late Dec.
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    Blind 39 Sloughs

    I got drawn for blind 39 at the Sloughs opening morning. Is this the first time in a while the blind has been in the draw? I was thinking is years past it was a first come first serve blind.
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    Did I do good????

    Couldn't agree more! Good Luck!

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